Can’t Tell if Your Plant Is Thirsty or Not? This Simple Watering Hack Will Help

One of the hardest parts of being a houseplant mom is trying to play Goldilocks when it comes to watering. If you water your plant too much, it's basically done for. But if you don't water your plant enough, it'll turn into a sad, dry, wilted mess. Luckily, Reagan Kastner, the plant expert behind STYLUSH, shared a plant watering hack that will ensure you're watering just right every time.

In a recent TikTok, Kastner shared you have a magical power that will let you know when any type of plant needs water, and it's all in your finger. "Stick your finger about an inch deep into any plant. If you take it out and you see dirt on it, don't water it," she says. And if you stick your finger in and there's just a little bit of dirt, it's time to water. It's as easy as that.

Even if your plant is bone-dry, Kastner says it's possible to get it back to its regular happy self after watering it. If you overwater a plant, on the other hand, it's nearly impossible for it to bounce back.

"It's always better to underwater than to overwater. Overwatering is one of the easiest ways to kill a houseplant," says Erin Marino, plant expert and director of marketing at The Sill. "You may be tempted to water your plants on a strict schedule, but your best bet is to only water when needed. Always check the soil before watering. If it's still moist, wait to water."

Your plants' water needs will change throughout the year, too. Marino says your houseplants may need less water in the fall and winter when they're semi-dormant and more in the spring and summer during their growing period. The good news is as long as you're using this plant watering hack to check the soil beforehand and making sure to never overwater, you'll be golden. Aka no more killing plants ever again.

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