How to Make a 3-Step Astrological Garden With Plants for Zodiac Signs

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If you're getting a little plant-happy on lockdown, it's not just boredom: Taurus Season might be to blame. The Earth sign rushes in the lush love for flora, as does that flourishing late April feeling of "Everything is terrible, but hey, spring is here!" And if you don't know where to start with your windowsill planter, here's a little secret: the cosmos connects all different plants for zodiac signs, assigned by their ruling planet.

"Astrology is the study of correspondences and connections," says Rachel Lang, intuitive healer and astrologer. "We have a saying in astrology, 'as above, so below,' which means the macrocosm is as the microcosm is. Everything in your day-to-day life corresponds to planets and signs. We can see the relationships between the luminaries in the heavens, the astrological signs, and life here on earth."

That means each sign has different characteristics and traits that correspond to things in our environment, from crystals, trees, inanimate objects, professions, and plants. Not even just your garden (ha) variety succulents, we're talking flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, all of them. "When you plant something, you are bringing that essence into your home and garden, and that plant’s essence has an astrological correlations," Lang says.

Research supports bringing the outdoors indoors with nature can keep our spirits high, so why not make a little astrological garden, sanctioned by the stars? Below, Lang shares three (or more!) botanicals that correlate to your sign.


Aries babies don't fear the heat, which is why Mars-ruled cayenne peppers are a must-have for their astrological garden. Lang also recommends that you make some space for some garlic; this one-two punch will ensure that you're ready to cook a zesty, flavorful meal at a moment's notice. If you need an unconventional third, Aries rules pineapple, and as it would turn out pineapple trees are readily available to deliver at Home Depot (albeit totally inedible).


It's so characteristic of Taurus to be a flower child—Taurus the bull is basically Ferdinand the Bull, if you remember that classic childhood tale. That means that blossoms are crucial to a Taurus's line-up (that is, my birthday is April 25 and I specifically asked Lang which ones would flourish in my planter). A trifecta of Taurean blooms could include hibiscus, lily of the valley, and heather.

Are you a Taurus that's a little less aesthetics obsessed and a little more grounded? Lang says you could switch out a flower or two for Venus-ruled mint or thyme—perfect for repurposing in your next heavily seasoned dish.


Gemini folks are talkers and seers: they're able to observe the workings of the universe and intelligently talk it out to others. That's why carrots are the cornerstone to a Gemini garden; the Mercury-ruled root plant helps with eyesight, and that's not coincidence. Lang also recommends you complement your garden with lavender and dill, so you can oversee all three types of fauna.


We know Cancer to be a nurturing sign, so you'll tend to your garden with extra TLC. And based on my Cancerian best friend, we also know that y'all are sort of built for social distancing. Staying home is (objectively) joy, the only trouble is keeping your nerves down.

Inject a little yellow into your space to keep your spirits high! Cancer has ties to both lemon balm and daisy, and you can complete the trinity with chamomile! That way you can still have your favorite tea if it truly is the end times and Amazon Fresh runs out.


Lovely lions, curious about what's in your jungle? We're looking at lush-as-a-mane flower combinations: Leo is connected to marigold, Angelica, and peony. Too high maintenance to do all three? A tall and proud sunflower will rise in your reign. Not really a fan of all flowers? For a quick switch, rosemary will sprout under your rule, as well.


We can trust Virgos to be meticulous in how they groom their shrubbery, and as another Earth sign, practical as well. Aster and fern are Virgo plants, but the star of your garden is likely to be parsley. To quote my extremely late-August-born mother when I told her, "Oh, I cook with parsley all the time!" Practical.


Beauty-loving Libra is Venus-led like Taurus, which means you're so damn romantic and all about those flowers (growing them, receiving them, wearing them, whatever). Classic roses are connected to Libra, as are geraniums and lilac. If that combo doesn't seem balanced enough and you're yearning for an herb, lemon thyme is the one to forage.


Scorpios are already comfortable with digging deep and the underground, so it makes sense that leeks, with their tendency to grow down are tied to this Pluto-ruled sign. Basil is another necessity for a Scorpio garden, and chrysanthemum is married to Pluto as well. If you want to go rouge with one plant, Lang also mentions that Scorpio is associated with ivy, a factoid that feels appropriately goth somehow.


This should be zero percent shocking to a Sagittarius: the characteristically wise member on the zodiac wheel is associated with [snort laugh] sage. These pleasant folks should also add some friendly daffodils and a little bit chervil.


Sensible Capricorn needs something digestible in their garden, otherwise it's just frou-frou nonsense and not worth the efforts. Red beets grow under Cap's rulership, and you can sit them next to Soloman's seal and jasmine.


You can also go with sage when it comes to Aquarius; not only are they known for their foresight, but their planet rules over more salty, savory tastes. Candidly, sage would just pair well with that if you're making big quarantine dish, as would Aquarius-leaning rosemary. Peppermint is a a plant that honors Aquarians fresh-thinking energy, and iris is good alternative if you're just feeling something with petals.


Finally, we have a Pisces garden made up of—in my botanically-obsessed opinion—some of the most excellently fragrant flowers. According to Lang, your planter should be filled with Pisces-associated gardenia, honeysuckle, and lily. And if you want to speak to Pisces nature to heal and feel, a cooling aloe vera plant is a match made in, well, Neptune.

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