Sick of Getting Food All Over Your Phone While Following Online Recipes? A Plastic Bag Can Help

Photo: Stocksy/Davide Illini
If you cook on the regular, you most definitely know the struggle of following a recipe on your phone. It can feel impossible to not smear food across your screen as you scroll through the process or repeatedly need to input your phone passcode after it undoubtedly goes to sleep while you complete each step. Luckily, there's an easy solution for chefs in the digital age: Using a plastic baggie.

An easy way to whip up a killer recipe and keep your phone gunk-free is simply putting it in a clear plastic baggie while you're cooking, Apartment Therapy reports. Just put the device in, zip the bag shut, and tuck the excess plastic around the back so the section covering the front screen is taut. By some sort of meal-prep miracle, your touch screen will still work effortlessly underneath its new protective layer.

An easy way to whip out a killer recipe and keep your phone gunk-free is simply putting your phone in a clear plastic baggie while you're cooking.

Armed with this quick tip, you'll no longer spend your dinnertime picking food debris out of your phone's tiny crevices and can instead totally immerse yourself into the delicious, healthy meal you just made from scratch. You know, all while wondering why the heck you didn't discover this genius hack sooner.

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