These 7 Mirrored Sunglasses Will Stylishly Protect Your Eyes From Sun Damage

Photo: Instagram/@lespecs

Obviously, not all sunglasses are made equally. (You presumably know there are some key design and protective differences between the $2 pair you bought at a flea market and the super-chic shades you splurged on for spring break.) Recently though, a dermatologist dropped a sun-protection knowledge bomb by revealing that sunglasses with metal frames—like classic and cool aviators—aren't optimal because they reflect sun back into your face.

In fact, the Texas-based dermatologist Vivian Bucay says that when it comes to protecting your eyes from harsh brightness and damaging UV rays, your best bet is mirrored lenses—and, to be more specific, mirrored lenses encased in plastic frames. To save you the trouble, I've rounded up sunglasses for you to order ASAP. You know, so you don't find yourself ill-prepared for your beach trip come Memorial Day weekend.

See the 7 stylish and protective sunglasses below.


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