‘I’m a 53-Year-Old Esthetician, and This Is the $0 Skin Hack I Do Every Night To Keep My Complexion Firm’

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Have you ever looked at a celebrity esthetician and wondered how on earth their skin looks so ethereal? You’re not alone, which is why we present you with the Routine Rundown, Well + Good’s new podcast in which senior beauty editor Zoë Weiner chats with celebrities, dermatologists, estheticians, and hairstylists about their beauty routines and their thoughts on current beauty trends. Luckily for us, in the pod’s inaugural episode, celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau revealed her secret to plump skin naturally, and brace yourself: It’s 100-percent free.

“I hang my head upside down every night before I go to bed for two minutes to bring blood flow to my face—to bring oxygen and circulation and new nutrients to the cells—that’s my little free tip that doesn’t cost you anything: Hang your head upside down for two minutes,” she shares.

While there’s no doubt that going topsy-turvy most definitely triggers a rush of blood to the head, can two minutes before bed really offer lasting results?

As nice as it'd be, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Dustin Portela, DO, FAAD says to not get your hopes up.

“Although this may sound beneficial at face value, no data exists to support this practice as part of a long-term beauty routine,” he explains, adding that people with great skin and complexions tend to be doing multiple things to achieve them, so it's impossible to extrapolate the benefits of any one habit, hence why understanding a person's entire routine is important.

Furthermore, Portela says the impact hanging your head upside down has on fine lines and wrinkles will be small, compared to that of other practices like wearing SPF daily, so he doesn't recommend replacing any of the preventative skin-care steps you're taking with Rouleau's tip. But it can't hurt either, and Rouleau has undeniably beautiful skin, not to mention a bounty of beloved skin-care products.

Listen to Rouleau's episode of the Routine Rundown for her beauty regimen:


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