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Pluto Retrograde Is Over Until April 2022, So Relationship Changes Are In Order for the Next 6 Months

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On Wednesday, October 6, Pluto retrograde will finally be over and the planet will station direct for the first time in more than five months. Since Pluto—the planet associated with rebirth—will remain in this direct transit until April 30, 2022, you may be wondering how this shift may affect you. While Pluto is traveling retrograde, we are invited to consider what in our life may require change, but when the planet stations direct, it’s time to take action. And with respect to this specific Pluto retrograde being over, we can expect our relationships and daily routines to go through a shake-up.

“Because Pluto is in Capricorn, we need to look at the infrastructure of our everyday life: [Ask yourself] ‘Is my lifestyle healthy for my mental wellness?’ ‘Do I need to create a better routine that incorporates my personal well-being?’” says astrologer Corina Crysler. This meaning of Pluto retrograde being over focuses on taking control of your life and well-being, and resolving to change habits that you’ve noticed don’t serve you over the past five months.

“Because Pluto is in Capricorn, we need to look at the infrastructure of our everyday life: [Ask yourself] ‘Is my lifestyle healthy for my mental wellness?" —astrologer Corina Crysler

What habits, specifically? Well, considering Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio (known for being emotional and intuitive), and it stations direct in Capricorn (which is ruled by taskmaster Saturn and known for being pragmatic and ambitious) during Libra season (the sign associated with valuing relationships), we can expect questions to arise about whether or not the people in our life are truly benefiting us.

“If we want to look at the infrastructure of our lives, we can look at who’s around us,” says Crysler, adding that this is the big theme of Pluto stationing direct. “Do they drain our energy or do they feed our soul?” By introspecting on these questions and answering them for ourselves accordingly, Pluto retrograde being over provides an opportunity to erect boundaries and limitations on people who don’t support our well-being.

Old patterns and ways of thinking are also called into question when Pluto goes direct, since the planet focuses on the death-life cycle. That's why the planet urges us to ditch whatever's not working and work toward cultivating change in our lives to benefit ourselves and our forward momentum.

“Pluto is associated with death and rebirth, so it has a lot of aspects of our subconscious patterns and possibly our pain points,” Crysler says. To operate in alignment with Pluto’s energy, then, prepare to consider (and reconsider) especially deep-seated concepts about what (or who) you’re moving away from and what (or whom) you’re transforming into. This also calls into question who is in your life and influencing your choices and ideas.

“I see a lot of projections that are put onto people from early childhood,” says Crysler of Pluto’s influence. “It’s usually a lot of generational patterns that are happening that possibly need to be broken.” To figure out what areas of your life could benefit from transformation, contemplate on themes in your life during the past Pluto retrograde, aka the last five months.

“It’s time to make changes, for sure,” Chrysler says. “I would personally do a review over the last five months and notice patterns that came up that were significant for you and create some awareness around [that].”

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