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Pluto Retrograde Just Ended—Here’s How You Can Finally Step Out of Its Shadow

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Pluto Retrograde just ended after a five month reign of terror that began April 24, inducing an era of change, transformation, pain, and all that cute stuff. You've likely experienced a series of tiny endings to your world as you know it during this time (and challenge-creating Saturn's interference did not help). And now that it's over and Pluto is direct, can we finally crawl out of Pluto's darkness?

Well, kind of, the retroshade sort of lingers. As we emerge as an evolved and (hopefully) stronger person, we can take control of whatever challenges come next.

"The planet Pluto 'rules' the sign Scorpio and the Eighth House of an astrology chart, all three are associated with death and resurrection," explains Amy Zerner of famed astrology duo Monte and Amy, authors of Astrology for Wellness. "The Eighth House represents other people's resources and this can be money you manage, money you get from other people legally, through inheritance, or otherwise."

"Other people's resources" could also mean sexual exchanges, but we'll get there in a minute. For now, what does it mean now that Pluto is going stationary direct in our lives? Well, we can finally stop judging ourselves so intensely for every thought, and deed that we see to be an extension of ourselves. The time for thinking and waiting is over, the time for acting is now. Pluto rules power, power struggles, and the judgment that is rendered when a legal matter has been resolved. We're all going to try to take control of our lives, which could cause some energetic congestion.

"Do not be surprised if the gloves come off you and everyone you know and people are more given to expressing their desire to control their situation," she says. "This can range from children asserting their independence in the face of adults trying to keep them safe and successful, all the way up to powerful people dropping any pretense that they aren't powerful, and using it before they lose it. It should be an interesting next few months." Oh, really?

"If you're sexually active, sex is going to seem like a better idea than it has in months," says Zerner

That may seem a little silly until you look deeper into the symbolism of Pluto. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, the sexy, dark, and deeply intense sign that is most likely of all the zodiac signs to have their own bondage closet (not that I know anything about this). And let's not forget that Pluto in Roman mythology is basically our boy Hades, God of Death, Lord of the Underworld. What do we call of "the little death"? An orgasm. And so by that math, Pluto is the Lord of Orgasms.

To riff further, since Pluto is a ruler of dark types you want to be extra cautious about letting dangerous energy and toxic people into your life. Avoid putting yourself in vulnerable positions And yeah, this generally always falls under "Good Advice," now's just a good time to be super guarded against spooky types and Regina Georges.

"There is always a big shift when an outer planet changes direction, and so that which is always true related to that planet bears repeating at those times and this is one of those times," says Zerner. "Stay safe."

And as we discussed with Pluto erupting this battle for control, it's more important than ever to avoid letting other people have power over you, to over-power you. Don't let yourself be manipulated by anyone.

"We all have to be spies, keep our secrets, avoid being manipulated and actualize our best judgment to transform ourselves into powerful people incapable of being manipulated," Zerner says. "We need to be powerful enough to effect the changes we know need to be!"

Basically, make Pluto go to hell.

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