5 Places to Take Pole Dancing Classes in NYC Without Feeling Weird About It

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Even if you have every spin studio and boxing workout in New York City bookmarked and memorized, pole dancing classes tend to be a little trickier to track down. So, to help you avoid a potentially NSFW situation while trying to find a fitness class, I've rounded up some of your best options for all-level pole dancing workouts in NYC.

I also spoke with Kyra Johannesen, co-founder of Body & Pole boutique studio about why it's worth adding the workout to your fitness routine in the first place. "The techniques and exercises in class directly target your upper body and abdominals," she says. But Johannesen adds that, while the moves will definitely work your upper body, it's possible you'll feel the effects of the exercises from head-to-toe afterward. "The next day, you'll most likely feel a little sore," she adds. "You probably had no idea during class that you were lifting and spinning your bodyweight around the pole because you were having so much fun."

If it's your first time taking a pole dancing class, Johannesen says that when starting out, wear clothing that's comfortable for you—you'll spend most of your time on the ground working on mastering technique so wearing what you would to a typical group fitness class is fine. (You can also email your studio ahead of time or read its FAQ page online for more info.) As you advance and begin to execute more difficult moves, however, having more skin contact is key so consider packing bike shorts and cropped sports bras in your gym bag. Below you'll find five pole dancing workouts to check out in NYC.

5 places to take pole dancing classes in NYC without feeling weird about it

1. Yoga Pole Studio

Yoga Pole is a great place to ease into the world of pole dancing exercise classes because it has modalities for every level and every type of person. If being off the ground and slightly airborne flashes images of yourself in the ER, there are ground-only classes as an easy option. Then there are an array of pole dancing classes and aerial ones that involve working your muscle groups while incorporating hanging hoops. Classes range from $20 to $30, and the studio often offers introductory promos.

43 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, New York 11217; (917) 365-3896

2. IncrediPole

Housed in an airy and natural light-filled studio space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Incredipole boasts the tallest poles in New York City. It also has a wide variety of classes, each of which has a thorough description including how many classes and how much experience is a prerequisite (you'll find everything from beginner to advanced options to choose from). First timers can book a class for $20, and most classes are around $32 (though there are group bundles, too).

145 Java St., number 2R, Brooklyn, New York 11222; (646) 396-3699

3. X Pole at Crunch Gym

Crunch gym, an affordable fitness chain that is now on ClassPass, offers a variety of group classes, which include one called Xpole, a pole dancing cardio class. If you already have a Crunch gym or ClassPass membership, this is a great entry point into the world of pole dancing exercise with less financial commitment than a boutique fitness class, since it's included in the cost of your regular membership.

113 4th Ave., New York, New York 10003; (212) 533-0001

1109 2nd Ave., New York, New York 10022; (212) 758-3434

4. Body & Pole

Body & Pole is essentially the Equinox of pole aerial workouts. The space occupies over 10,000 square feet and houses five studios for classes. It offers pole dancing workouts (from introductory to intermediate and advanced), as well as other aerial exercises such as silk and hoop classes. There are membership options, or you can take one class for $40.

 115 W 27th St., New York, New York 10001; (212) 334-6900

5. Foxy Fitness & Pole

Somewhere between a straight aerobics class and a dance class, Foxy Fitness's approach to pole dancing is choreography based. If you're interested in it—not just for the toning and strengthening, but for the artistry too—this studio highlights technique, comfort with the terminology, and even has student showcases. A single class is $20, and yes, there are group classes at all levels, plus workshops and even teacher training.

355 7th Ave., number 306, New York, New York 10001; (646) 683-0205

Originally published January 10, 2019; updated March 11, 2020

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