This Sweet-and-Sour Cocktail Celebrates One of Fall’s Most Popular Fruits

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Next to pumpkin, pomegranate might just be autumn’s most beloved healthy foods. And, though you’ve probably had a cocktail made with pomegranate juice before, this russet-hued tipple made by Well+Good’s resident cocktail expert, The Outside Institute founder Laura Silverman, takes it to an entirely new place.

Instead of using simple fruit juice, Silverman incorporates pomegranate molasses, a reduced form of pomegranate juice that’s dark, syrupy, and brimming with that concentrated sweet-sour taste. “Pomegranate molasses is tart and complex in flavor, plus it’s rich in infection-fighting vitamin C and antioxidant phytochemicals,” says Silverman.

Here, she combines it with a homemade vodka infusion, made with the vivid gold hue of exotic saffron threads. (The infusion takes two days to make, so think ahead —you’ll also have extra to experiment with in other cocktail.) Finally, a duo of citrus juices —fresh orange and lime— balance out the richer flavors for an undeniably sip-able concoction.

Read on for your new favorite fall cocktail recipe.

Pomegranate & saffron citrus cocktail

Makes 1

1/4 tsp saffron
2 cups vodka
1 oz pomegranate molasses
1 oz fresh orange juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1. In a mason jar, combine saffron and vodka. Cover and let sit at room temperature until the saffron has given up all of its color, about two days. Strain and discard the saffron.  (Saffron-infused vodka keeps indefinitely.)

2. To make a cocktail, combine two ounces saffron-infused vodka with pomegranate molasses, orange juice and lime juice. Shake until well-chilled, then transfer to a rocks glass and serve over ice, garnished with orange peel, if desired.

Each week, The Outside Institute founder Laura Silverman crafts a cocktail recipe just for Well+Good readers using in-season plants and herbs. Bookmark this page for more healthy cocktail ideas.

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