13 Low-Contact Socializing Ideas To Ease You Into Life After Quarantine

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The regulations are lifting, the vaccines are rolling out, and you are... not quite ready to jump back into that crowded bar and concert life. I feel you, friend. Post-pandemic anxiety is a real thing, and even though life in quarantine has hardly been fun, to say the least, it makes sense if you simply don't feel "safe" just yet in getting out there. So if you're looking to ease gently into the so-called real world, it's good to start with some low-contact post-pandemic socializing ideas with the people you trust most.

Because here's the thing: While hermitage may seem appealing on paper, going from 0 to 100 in terms of social contact can be rough on us, psychologically. So even if you opt to sit out your once-regular Saturday nightlife habits, the time will come when you need to to go to a party or wedding or concert or airport or anything else with groups of people, and you don't want to feel panicked and tongue-tied when it happens. So, it's a good idea to warm up our social muscles to mitigate awkwardness and anxiety alike. Below, we unpack some simple lower-risk post-pandemic socializing ideas including open-air activities to help bring you back to life, so to speak.

Below, 13 low-contact post-pandemic socializing ideas for your return to real life

1. DIY a rollerskating rink

Hitting the wheels was a major flex last summer, so why not bring it back? Those holographic skates aren't just Instagram friendly, they're also a quick way to cruise about and great exercise.

2. Play a round of mini golf

You might want to get some antibacterial wipes for the clubs (just in case) but overall? Go ahead, hit a ball into a cartoon character's mouth—go crazy.

3. Wine and cheese tasting

For something less fearsome that a dive bar, seek out an outdoors option where everyone gets their own individual flights of drinks.

4. Go to a drive-in movie theater

Still not ready for a packed cinema yet? We feel you. If we see a revival of last summer's drive-in boon, you'll be able to actually go with people in *different* households.

5. Or host your own outdoor movie nights

Look, getting a projector set up in your backyard might annoying at first. But at least you don't have to throw down $40 a car to watch something as accessible as Clueless that way.

6. Take a trip to the farmers' market

You've been battling it out at the grocery for over a year now. Now that it's warm and sunny out in many areas, you can have a charming Sunday packing your tote bag with organic tomatoes and bushels of lavender.

7. Or, take a trip to the flea market

Sorting through secondhand stuff might not be for everyone, but if you're a deprived thrift store fan (guilty!) this is the next best thing.

8. Go hiking

If you're a hiking newbie, no need to hit up the mountains. Find some cute-and-sturdy boots and take a stroll down a scenic path.

9. Visit a botanical garden

For an aesthetically pleasing, all-natural mental-health boost (literally), there's absolutely nothing better than botanical gardens. Treat yourself to some tiger lilies and peonies en masse.

10. Do some yoga in the park

The convergence of a vinyasa flow with cherry blossom trees is a heavenly sounding combo.

11. Have a picnic

Just because restaurants are popping the top button of their collar doesn't mean you have subscribe to that indoor dining life. A sprawling blanket and stocked cooler is always a great alternative.

12. Go camping

Stargazing, marshmallows, the whole nine yards—bring your backpack and your nearest and dearest for a weekend getaway.

13. Get some ice cream cones and enjoy the scenery

Grabbing a scoop and watching the sunset with someone you cherish is quintessential summer bliss.

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