This Major Beauty Trend Is a Post-Workout Hairstyle Game-Changer

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After a hot and heavy sweat sesh, it takes some effort to bring your hair back to a presentable state. (Hey, no one said burpees were pretty.) But thankfully, there's a trend emerging that's nothing short of a gift for workout-ravaged locks—one with a big bow on top.

I'm talking about hair ribbons, which are a super simple, runway-approved way to breathe new life into a post-workout updo. "It's an easy way to elevate any hairstyle and make it a bit more interesting," says Corey Tuttle, a Honey Artists celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Fergie, Sofia Coppola, and Padma Lakshmi.

In other words, it's perfect for when you're trekking from the gym to your dinner plans and only have a few minutes to primp—and don't want to haul all of your beauty tools with you. (If there's any doubt about its high-style bona fides, it-girls like Alexa Chung and Olivia Wilde have been spotted rocking the look.)

One major benefit of this mode of accessorizing: The strip of fabric won't make your tresses tangle or crease (something anyone who's ever dealt with taking an elastic out of their hair post-spin class will appreciate). "Ribbons are very gentle on the hair," explains Tuttle. "They don't snag or tug, and won't leave a bump when you take them out."

All you need to get the look is a strip of fabric (black is the buzzy color, but you can get adventurous with yours), an elastic, and a couple of pins—no blow-dryers or straightening irons necessary—and your boot-camp locks will get an instant upgrade.

Here are three seriously chic ways to rock a ribbon in your post-workout hairstyle.

Photo: Sophie O'Rourke
Photo: Sophie O'Rourke

1. The Braid

1. Secure all hair by brushing it into a low side ponytail just under the ear, close to the nape of your neck.

2. Fasten with an elastic, and wrap the ribbon over the elastic to cover.

3. Integrate the ribbon by including it with a section of hair while braiding. Alternatively, complete the braid first, then use a hair looping tool to deliberately integrate the ribbon exactly where you want it to go.

4. Use the ribbon to tie off the end of the braid.

Photo: Sophie O'Rourke
Photo: Sophie O'Rourke

2. The Bow Tie

1. Start by brushing all of your hair to the top or the crown of your head, depending on how high you prefer your updo.

2. Secure with an elastic, but don't pull all of the hair out of the ponytail on your last turn—leave the ends of the hair out of the ponytail (a couple inches or more, depending on the length of your locks).

3. Split the loop you created into two sections and secure with bobby pins (as if you're making the two sides of a bow).

4. Take the ends of your hair and run them in between the two loops, creating a middle strip—channel (a sweaty) Lady Gaga here—securing with bobby pins. (Feeling extra fancy? Braid your ends before affixing them to the center of the hair bow.)

5. Thread the hair ribbon underneath the ponytail and elastic, wrap it around your bun once, and tie the ribbon in a bow.

7. Secure with pins and hairspray if desired. (Non-toxic, of course.)

The Blair Waldorf

1. Secure your hair into a low ponytail using an elastic.

2. Place a ribbon around the front of your hairline, bringing the ends to the back of the nape.

3. Cross the ribbon ends underneath your ponytail and then wrap it around the elastic.

4. Tie it into a (super-cute) bow.

Now that your 'do is looking fly, what about your color? This is the buzzy, crystal-inspired hair hue that'll be everywhere in 2017. To keep it glowing, try Adriana Lima's super-affordable secret to healthy, shiny tresses.

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