The 1-Minute Trick to Take Post-Workout Hair From Sweaty to Ready

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Unlike post-beach hair, post-workout hair isn't exactly the kind of style most of us want to show off. Instead of pretty, tousled waves courtesy of the ocean, post-sweat styles tend to be frizzy, matted with sweat, and, well, odorous.

For those of us whose mornings (and afternoons and evenings) are frantically scheduled back-to-back-to-back, squeezing in a gym bathroom blowout between the workout and the actual work day isn't the easiest (or most realistic) feat. So how do we go from sweaty to ready in like 20 minutes time?

"The key is to work with your texture," says Suave celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis. "If your hair is super curly, try not to make it super straight, just because that's going to eat up the bulk of your time." But the most major time save, according to him, is to pop on an accessory and call it a day, especially because up-dos tend to work better if hair has some grit to it.

"Accessories are so great, because they make a hairstyle look more difficult," says Francis. "I love the headbands. Even if it's not an embellished headband, you play with the texture where there's bits and flyaways so it doesn't feel too perfect. Then, you just rake the headband backward, and it kind of gives it that, 'oh it's a special occasion' look." You can also glitz up your bun with a pretty clip, or take things to an entirely new (festive) level and decorate your ponytail with a clip-in earring, a la Lily Rose Depp.

If you don't have time for a full wash-and-style, not to worry—having dirty, sweaty hair can actually work in your favor. "I actually think that clean hair makes it more difficult to get a hairstyle to hold. If the hair's too clean, there's not enough grit or texture on the hair for it to really hold," explains Francis. "If there's not a buildup of certain oils, dirty hair can even cut down on styling time."

If you do plan to avoid washing after you've completed your series of plank poses, Francis suggests pulling your hair into a high bun or ponytail with a cloth hair-tie that won't leave a crease for the workout. "Having the hair up and off of your neck is the best suggestion I could give," says Francis, noting that the less sweat you get in your strands, the better. Here, some of our favorite hair accessories of the season worth keeping in your gym bag.

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