8 Dreamy Lattes That Will Boost Your Mood Upon First Sight

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Michelangelo worked with marble, and Picasso liked industrial paints, but your humble barista is creates masterpieces using the foam on a latte.

Latte art has gotten so advanced that it may stop you in your tracks as you scroll through your Instagram feed. Skilled coffee artists can reproduce works by Van Gogh and Disney alike, or create swirls of color so mesmerizing, you just have to snap a photo of your anti-inflammatory turmeric latte before you drink up.

To celebrate International Coffee Day, here are some of the prettiest, double-tappable lattes on Instagram. Tag a friend, because this latte art is #goals.

Prepare to be inspired by the 8 beautiful lattes below.

1. Rainbow Rosettas

These lattes have rosettas accented in red and blue, and if you look closely, the sprinkle of dried flowers on the side of each cup is a clue about the drink beneath the foam (one is a rose latte, the other is lavender).

2. Heavenly Pastels

Chicago coffee buffs: Find this rainbow bliss at craft-coffee shop Goddess and the Baker, a craft-coffee shop. Everyone else: Add it to your list of reasons to plan a wellness weekend in Chicago.

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3. Full Bloom

You'd probably display this watercolor rose by barista Lee KangBin on your wall if you could—but sigh, you'll just have to drink it.

4. Pretty in Pink

Bluestone Lane's caffeine-free beet latte is not only pink—AKA, you need this now—but it has antioxidants from the beet powder in the drink. The cherry on top is a coffee-art heart and a dusting of cocoa powder.

5. Bear-y Sweet

Before you get too excited and drink this coffee teddy bear, make sure you take a pic and share the love with your followers.

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6. Vibrant Vibes

Toronto-based shop Versus Coffee is known for its signature multicolor lattes, like the blue-and-green wonder above. Between the new Bandier shop and this latte, it might be time to plan a trip to Canada.

7. Phoenix Rising

San Francisco's Home is where the sprinkle-covered rainbow drinks of your dreams are (not to mention the cherry blossom lattes and the matcha bunny rabbits).

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8. Foxy Flourishes

Follow award-winning barista JongHyeok Lee for truly mind-blowing examples of latte art, including this little fox under a crescent moon.

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