7 Visually Impressive Intention-Setting Journals to Inspire the Healthy Habit for Yourself

Photo: Instagram/@emhow1

Although your schedule, to-do list, and everything else necessary to organizing your life can live on your phone, constantly staring at a screen isn't great for your eyes, your mental health, or your bedtime. Plus, as the world becomes increasingly digitized, there's a nostalgic allure of writing things down the analog way (which offers healthy benefits improving your memory and sleep).

A to-do list is the left-brained version of keeping your life intact: It's a tangible catalog of activities and goals that you can definitely accomplish. But an intention-setting journal is the complementary, right-brained version of the to-do list: It's more focused on self-reflection and improvement than making sure you don't forget to pick up the dessert hummus.

Like with bullet journaling, there's a major aesthetic draw to committing to the habit that combines creativity, crafting, and practicality (the holy trifecta of staying on top of your goals). It also has wellness-superstar followers like The Balanced Blonde and Lee From America. Below are some of the best pretty examples on Instagram to inspire you to pick up a marker and start setting some intentions.

See some of the most inspiring pieces of intention-setting art on Instagram below.

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