How Working Out While Traveling Is Done by These 11 Wellness Pros

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When you're in the groove of your regular day-to-day, it's easy to stick to workouts that you booked weeks in advance (or the second the sign-up opens)—because you're more than ready to rock a 6 a.m. run or post-work dance class.

While traveling, however, it's easy to fall off the workout wagon. Even wellness pros have to be mindful of staying on point with their fitness routine when they aren't able to keep up with their regular scheduled program. So, how do they find their fitspo on the road?

Here, a range of easy-to-access tips from pros in varying fields—nutrition, beauty, fitness, and more. Because working out while you're on the go can not only help you get your head right after enduring the stress of traveling, it's also a great way to soak in the local culture while getting those endorphins pumping.

Keep reading to see how 11 wellness pros stay fitness focused when on the road.

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Download a digital workout

Sakara founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle Duboise like to always have their favorite workouts on their phones and laptops so they can get a sweat sesh in whenever, wherever. (And streaming fitness happens to also be one of the hottest workout trends of 2018, here are the latest to hit the digital space.) "We love Physique57, Amanda Kloots' videos, and Melissa Wood's workouts on her Fitner app! Working out while traveling is super important to us. Flying and different time zones can make you feel less than great, so keeping up on our routines helps us stay somewhat on track."

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Head to the barre

Swap the hotel or mini bar for the barre, suggests Fred Devito, EVP of Mind Body Classes and Training at Exhale Spa. Even if he can't make it to a class IRL, he'll improvise in his hotel room and do Exhale Barre class moves because they "need such a small space and no equipment," he says. Simply hold onto the edge of the desk, media console, or back of a chair and clear an area to get your mat moves in.

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Take the stairs

If you find yourself at a gym with limited equipment, or perhaps, a hotel with no workout room, Rose-Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty thinks outside of the box. "When I'm on the road, I move as fast as I can and take the hotel stairs as much as possible, doing two steps at a time," she says.

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Get outside and hit the pavement

"While I’m traveling, I love going for a run to explore a new area that I’m staying in, which is extra amazing if I’m in a place like Los Angeles or Philadelphia and I can go for a hike," says natural beauty expert and makeup artist Jessa Blades. Of course, some trips are fast and furious with a stacked schedule. "If I can’t make time to do that, I’ll walk the stairs in my hotel and do yoga in my room to make sure I get in some movement, even if it is just for 15 minutes," she says.

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Test drive the local fitness studios

"When I land in a new city, the first thing I do is go for a walk to get my bearings," says Jules Hunt, creator of Om & The City. "But, to actually get a good sweat session in, I like to try out the fitness studios in town or rent a bike—biking is my favorite way to get a workout while also exploring!"

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Use nature as your gym

"I love to take a fast walk or hike to explore the local neighborhood, and if I’m near natural water, I'll take a swim," says Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica.

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Try a multi-faceted approach

"Running is my favorite way to see a new place—I also always try to find a hike or an active way to experience the city," says Eliza Savage, RD at Middleberg Nutrition in New York City.  "I also like to try the hottest local workout class—whether it's a yoga, barre, or spin class. And if those aren't an option, Pure Barre On Demand or Physique 57 On Demand helps me to lift tone and burn when I can't be in the studio."  (Or try this 6-minute sequence from Physique 57's founder.)

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Go slow and steady

When in a new place, Sara Vaccariello, owner of Avalon Acunpuncture in New York City likes to exercise as she goes. "I tend not to workout when I travel," she says. "I prefer to be on my feet exploring, hiking, or walking around. I always bring my comfortable sneakers so that I can move my body leisurely every day."

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Explore and release endorphins at the same time

For Khajak Keledjian, founder and CEO of NYC meditation studio Inscape, turns to mindful exercises like yoga or a jog. "I like to go for a run to get my heart rate up and release some endorphins while also exploring my new surroundings all at the same time."

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Hit the court

Skin-care pro Joanna Vargas, founder of her namesake beauty line, likes to get her workout in on the court whether she's home or visiting a new city. "I find a tennis court wherever I go, and I always start the day with an hour of tennis because it makes me nice and tired and helps me to work out all my stress," she says.

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