Add These Two Probiotic Beverages to Your Must-Try List ASAP

If you feel like bubbly probiotic drinks are a permanent fixture in the hands of every trendy wellness woman, you're not wrong: The buzzy it-beverages are basically a badge that declare, "Happy gut, happy life." (New hashtag?)

But in all seriousness, it's important to wade through the myriad options so you can be sure the concoction you're sipping on is one with real ingredients cred.

Enter KeVita. The probiotic powerhouse takes the guesswork out with painstakingly researched formulas, transparent labeling, and only organic and non-GMO ingredients. Plus, its crafters go the extra step to ensure all its non-alcoholic fermented drinks keep the billions of probiotics alive from production to your lips—without any of the weird "floaties" you sometimes find in your bottle of kombucha.

And with billions of live probiotics packed into every bottle, you can be sure you're getting your daily dose of beneficial bacteria to support healthier digestion (read: less bloat).

The key to reaping all the bonuses of probiotics? Taking them regularly so that good bacteria can build into a strong microbiome, or the community of bacteria that lives in your gut. But with so many creative KeVita options, your problem won't be remembering to drink one, it will be deciding which flavor to pick.

Scroll down for two wellness bevs you're going to want to stock in your fridge ASAP.

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Sparkling Probiotic Drink

If kombucha just isn't your thing, don't worry: You can still get in on the gut-health trend with KeVita's bubbly probiotic drinks, which hook you up with just as many CFUs of probiotics as the 'booch. And you may just want to slurp down the light, refreshing flavors all at once. Lemon ginger, anyone?

kevita kombucha gut health

Master Brew Kombucha

For those faithful to the original probiotic brew, though, KeVita's flavors offer a new spin on your fave. From lavender melon to raspberry lemon to dragonfruit lemongrass, you can treat your tastebuds to an elevated herbal experience. Plus, each organic bottle delivers six times as many beneficial organic acids as other kombucha brands.

And there's no need to worry about getting carded at the grocery store—all KeVita kombuchas are verified non-alcoholic. Instead of a buzz, Master Brew Kombucha delivers bold, energizing flavors to help you get through your longest days. And of course, you're getting all the probiotic goodness of your favorite fermented tea with billions of CFUs of live probiotics to keep your digestion ticking.

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Photos: KeVita

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