How This New Probiotic Could Seriously Help the Environment

Photo: Unsplash/Adam Morse
It's no secret that the environment is in trouble. Like, big trouble. The Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Act—California's plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions and methane levels by 2030—aims to help, but since said plan partially focuses on methane produced by cows, many farmers are scrambling. (Cow flatulence, burping, and manure is a huge contributor to methane emissions, according to Fast Company.)

But one company may have cracked the code to help all parties succeed—all thanks to a probiotic.

The meat and dairy industries cause a solid amount of greenhouse gas emissions—like, 15 percent, which is even more than the transportation sector. While the most effective way to solve the problem would be to consume fewer animal products, the biotech company Zaluvida created an environment-saving probiotic to help in the meantime.

The natural feed supplement for cows is made from garlic and citrus extracts and is basically a probiotic, helping curb the volume of their burps by keeping their stomach bacteria happy.

According to Fast Company, Mootral—a natural feed supplement made from garlic and citrus extracts—is basically a probiotic for cows, and it helps curb the volume of their burps by keeping the bacteria in their stomachs happy. (Or, umm, their four stomachs.) The company claims the product can reduce methane emissions from cows by 30 percent.

Even though giving cows a probiotic of sorts might contribute to saving the planet, it's a Band-Aid, not a solution to the way larger problem. The next step? Finding a more sustainable, humane way to eat. (AKA all the non-burping fruit and veggies your heart desires.)

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