The Secret to This Wellness Chef’s Gut-Boosting Supplement Routine

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Remember how your whole day could be completely thrown off track if your hair decided to part against gravity or if you were running late to work without coffee? 

Okay sure, both of those things may have happened yesterday—but still, you've got bigger concerns to ponder. Like your gut health, for example. Beyond grabbing the odd bottle of kombucha, developing lasting habits in favor of your gut isn’t easy to do without a starting point.

That’s why we tapped Mia Rigden, nutrition coach and founder of RASA, to share her full rundown of how she keeps it buddy-buddy with her digestive system. “Gut health is really important to me, and I can feel immediately when it’s off,” says Rigden. (Looking at you, mid-day bloat and subsequent unbuttoning of pants.) 

As part of her gut-health routine, Rigden recommends and relies on Flora's Adult Probiotic, which creates a strong foundation for optimal digestion and regular bowel movements* (because yes, this is something you think about as an adult). Beyond that, as you might expect from a holistic health coach, she takes a total 360 approach.

Keep scrolling for a look inside Rigden’s day-to-day supplement routine as well as her go-to snacks that keep her gut in tip-top shape.

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In case you haven't had a moment to stalk Rigden's Insta, she cooks and eats like a boss—a gut-conscious boss, at that. "I love anything fermented," she says. "Kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, coconut yogurt—there are so many probiotic-rich foods."

Another fermented ingredient that plays a big part in her recipes? Miso. "It has an amazing umami flavor and is such a powerful gut healer," notes Rigden. To make her favorite miso-dijon salad dressing, just whisk together a half tablespoon of miso and whole grain dijon mustard, one tablespoon of olive oil, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. "I normally mix this with some greens, avocado, nori strips, and top with some sort of protein," says Rigden. Warning: You might become obsessed.

Rigden also loads up on fibrous fruits and vegetables, which are natural prebiotics—the food that feeds the good bacteria in your gut. "Additionally, I try to avoid processed foods, refined sugar, and too much alcohol (although I love a little natural wine)," she says. So yes, you can have a glass of wine and a happy gut—just be sure to balance it out with lots of sleep and time to de-stress. 

"Sometimes modern life takes its toll, and we need a little more support to keep our guts healthy and strong."

While eating gut-approved foods and getting quality shut-eye works to keep Rigden's digestive discomfort at bay, she regularly calls in reinforcement.  "Sometimes modern life takes its toll, and we need a little more support to keep our guts healthy and strong. Taking a probiotic has given me that extra boost of support when I needed it most," she notes. 

Even in her nutrition practice, Rigden sees a lot of clients who deal with food intolerances, bloating,  and general uncomfy digestive problems. (Preaching to the choir, here.) "I have seen firsthand the power that a daily probiotic has to help with the healing process," Rigden says. And for her, that means taking supplements every single morning: a multivitamin that includes Vitamin D3, omega-3s, and Flora's probiotics. 

"I love the family story behind the brand, their transparency, and history as leaders in the holistic health movement," Rigden says.  “Flora offers a variety of probiotics, from mild daily maintenance to stronger formulas for gut healing. Having different strains and intensities is important, because everyone’s needs are slightly different." Keeping it cool with your gut is totally doable—just ask Rigden. 

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