Easy-to-Use Projectors for Tiny Homes *and* Feng Shui Setups

Photo: Urban Outfitters
A screen of some sort is a necessary part of your hygge lifestyle—how else could you get your Netflix and chill on? But squinting at your laptop in bed is hardly ideal, and you probably don't want a giant TV that'll definitely harsh the vibes of your carefully curated wabi sabi home a genius feng shui setup. Turns out there is a solution—one that will also deliver a dose of middle-school-classroom–era nostalgia: a projector.

Now, a projector may bring to mind a tangled mess of wires and a myriad of technical difficulties, not to mention some sort of ceiling mechanism to hoist up the whole thing. But it's 2018, and projectors are now smaller, sleeker, and easier to use. There are ones made from cardboard for your phone, compact handheld ones for when you're on the move, and bigger (yet still user-friendly) ones for your home. And aside from removing the need for a bulky, huge screen obstructing the energy pathways of your home, many of these projectors provide benefits in the form of custom viewing: You can watch Wonder Woman on a big screen or The Office on a somewhat smaller screen. Options!

And bonus: You can easily stow these away—a must for space saving in tiny homes.

Shop the home-enhancing technology below.

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