These Are the Three Things You Need for Fuel in the Morning—and Shocker: You Can Get Them in a Muffin

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Setting a million high-stakes resolutions isn't really a thing anymore (three cheers for mindful goal-setting!). But if there's just one thing you'd like to crush this year—say, making that occasional morning jog a habit or earning that promotion—you still need a fuel-focused breakfast to make it happen. And you still don't have an extra 30 minutes in the morning to fire up your oven and cook a full buffet.

And you're not alone in that. "We heard time and time again that people want a healthy breakfast that’s quick, will keep them full, and isn’t packed with sugar," says Julia Wing-Larson, VP of marketing and innovation at Health Warrior, which specializes in foods focused on superfood ingredients.

Through the company's research, Health Warrior landed on a balance of protein and complex carbs as the magic formula for making that feeling of satiety last. And from that intel,  Protein Mug Muffins—a spoonable, dietician-approved serving of 12 grams of plant-based protein—were born. The recipe includes only 6 grams of sugar, and blissfully requires the bare minimum of lift in the kitchen (you just have to add water, stir, and microwave). 

But most important is nailing the balance of ingredients your body needs to conquer your to-do list, sans exhausted meltdowns and desperate urges to raid the office snack drawer. "When we focus on real food ingredients, our blood sugars are more balanced which helps to control cravings during the day," explains Courtney Ferreira, MS, RD

Scroll down to learn the three key factors to a solid breakfast that will keep you out of the hanger zone.

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1. Look for complex carbs, not processed ones

Like healthy fats and not-so-healthy fats, there’s a world of difference between complex carbs and simple carbs. For one, it's essential to fuel up complex carbohydrates for an energy fix.

“When you chose a simple carbohydrate, you get energy but you miss out on so many nutrients like fiber and vitamins that you would otherwise get,” says Ferreira. “Fiber helps the carbohydrates digest slower which means the food will stay with you longer.”

Protein Mug Muffins are made with a mix of complex carbs including sorghum flour, almond flour, and tapioca flour, which help provide lasting stamina (without the sugar crash). They're sweetened with only a hint of brown sugar and monk-fruit extract, so you're skipping the heavy doses of sugar found in a lot of breakfast go-to's like yogurt and cereal. 

Health Warrior
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2. Go for superfood grains

Health Warrior aims to spotlight lesser-known superfoods that pack a big nutrition punch. "We always use superfoods as the first ingredient in our products and think nutrition should come from real food, mostly plants," says Wing-Larson. 

Case in point, sorghum, the nutrient-dense, nutty grain that takes center stage in the Protein Mug Muffins—unlike the white flour you typically find in regular muffins. "I love sorghum flour because it has a look and taste that's similar to wheat flour however it's gluten-free, high in fiber and protein, and rich in antioxidants, which is rare for a grain," says Ferreira. "You also get plenty of vitamins and minerals."  

Protein mug breakfast
Photo: Health Warrior®

3. Opt for plant-based proteins

If scooping whey protein into your a.m. smoothie or bowl of oatmeal often leads to an upset stomach later in the day, opt for a natural variety of plant-based proteins instead. Every microwavable muffin is loaded with protein from fava beans, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseedsplus sorghum.

“With protein from multiple sources, we get more variety in the amino acids provided which is key to balancing out with the protein we eat throughout the day,” Ferreira says.  And that's important: “Protein and carbohydrates are key especially for active people who like to work out in the morning.”

Oh yeah, and Protein Mug Muffins offer a full flavor menu—like peanut butter chocolate chip, banana nut, and blueberry—so boredom won't be a thing. Only thing left to do is grab one and go.

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