5 Easy Ways to Cook With Protein Powder That Have Nothing to Do With Smoothies

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You don't have to be dietitian to know the importance of getting enough protein. Skimp on the nutrient and you're way more likely to feel fatigued, moody, and hungry—not a great combination.

Some people supplement their diets with protein powder mixed into a smoothie or shake as an easy way to get an extra boost of the nutrient. Fortunately, there's so much more you can do with protein powder than just adding a scoop to your blender.

"Cooking with protein powder can add a welcome boost of—you guessed it—protein," says registered dietitian and Hummusapien blogger Alexis Joseph, RD. One popular (and easy) way she recommends cooking with protein powder is with baked goods. "Baked goods like muffins made with grain flours tend to be lower in protein, so adding a quality protein powder can give some oomph," she says.

Choosing the right protein powder is important both in terms of taste and nutrition. "I don't recommend using whey protein powder in recipes as results typically vary," she says. Pea, brown rice, or hemp proteins are best in terms of not altering the taste of your recipe while providing the protein you're looking for.

Creative protein powder recipes for every meal of the day

1. High-protein pizza dough

high-protein pizza crust
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Leave the cheese-stuffed pizza crust to Pizza Hut while going another route: baking your protein powder right into your pizza dough. It's an especially good idea if you're skipping any meat toppings. The sneaky addition will make your slice extra filling and nutritious.

2. Protein pancakes

high-protein pancakes recipe
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Let's be honest here: pancakes as we know them are basically dessert. Not so when you add a scoop of protein powder, which will make your brunch dish energize you—and not make you want to take a nap later. The eggs in this recipe also give great protein, too.

3. Chocolate protein ice cream

protein ice cream recipe
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As if figuring out how to make a protein-based ice cream wasn't impressive enough, this recipe is also plant-based. All you need is bananas, almond milk, cocoa powder, and your protein powder. (Pro tip: Using a chocolate protein powder will taste the yummiest.)

4. Keto-approved protein crackers

keto crackers recipe
Photo: The Hungry Elephant

If you're looking for a high-protein snack that you can stash in your gym bag or keep at your desk at work, this is it. Made with almond flour, protein powder, olive oil, baking powder, and xanthan gum, these crackers are perfect for when you need a little boost mid-day. Up the protein factor even more by adding a wedge of cheese.

5. High protein cookie dough

protein power recipes
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Not only can you actually eat this cookie dough raw without risking your health (there's no raw eggs, don't worry), the protein powder blends right in. Made with coconut flour, applesauce, almond milk, butter, chocolate chips, and the protein powder, it's slightly sweet (but not too sweet), it will boost your energy levels and definitely your mood, too.

No time to cook? You can always grab a protein bar:

PSA: How much protein you need changes are you get older. Here are some tips on how to use protein powder when working out.

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