The Under-the-Radar Way to Sneak More Protein (and Less Sugar) Into Your Diet This Summer

Chia seeds in your smoothie? Check. Collagen in your coffee? Check. It can feel like you've tried everything to pack more protein into your day, but we're betting there's one source you've been underestimating.

The low-key king of satisfying snacking: Muuna® cottage cheese. Yup, cottage cheese is making a comeback as the go-to base for breakfast bowls and the melt-in-your mouth spread for every snacking scenario. And the benefits are legit: Muuna® is not the average stuff you're used to, due to a proprietary method that makes it seriously creamy—and a protein boost that blows yogurt's out of the water.

So before you turn up your nose at the idea, listen to this intel from Melissa Rifkin, RD.

"What may surprise people is although many may consider cottage cheese a diet food because of its reasonable calorie count and high protein content, it's flavorful and a very versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in both savory and sweet snacks and dishes," explains Rifkin.

Some of the must-try ways to use it to step up your snack game? Try it with a soft-boiled egg and everything bagel seasoning, scoop it into a smoothie for an extra dose of creaminess, or spread it over toast with avocado and strawberries—AKA your tastebuds are already thanking you.

And considering the food boredom that tempts you to raid the office snack cabinet every day, isn't it worth adding a new go-to into rotation that's loaded with good stuff, to boot?

Keep reading for 3 reasons you'll want to add cottage cheese to your snack-time repertoire this summer.

muuna cottage cheese

1. Powered by protein

When you're busy knocking out your summer bucket list, the last thing you want is hangriness to slow you down. The secret to staying satisfied all day is protein, and Muuna® delivers that macronutrient in spades with a complete amino acid profile (bonus: that's what will help build muscle tissue).

"It’s also a source of casein protein, a type of protein that breaks down and releases into our bloodstream at a slower rate than other protein sources," says Rifkin. "Therefore, this means you'll feel satiated (or fuller) for longer."

With up to 19 grams of protein per serving, it packs way more than most yogurts, and having it as a midday snack assures you'll stay energized from your outdoor picnic lunch until rooftop happy hour.

muuna cottage cheese

2. Gut-healthy goodness

Protein isn't the only thing packed into the good-for-you recipe. With belly-boosting probiotics like B. Lactis in every spoonful of Muuna®, your snack gets a total health upgrade.

According to Rifkin, research shows that supporting the balance of good bacteria in your gut (AKA your microbiome) can "influence digestion, vitamin production, immune system development, inflammation, and even your metabolism and weight." In other words, sneaking in gut-friendly probiotics wherever you can is a slam dunk.

Pro tip: Add an ingredient with prebiotics (like banana) into your cottage cheese, and you'll help amplify the digestion-friendly benefits of the probiotics. And in a season filled with beach trips and poolside hangouts, bloat-busting snacks are the best kind of snacks.

muuna cottage cheese

3. Simply sweetened

Avoiding a sugar crash is key for resisting the urge to nap on activity-packed summer days (or while you're sitting at your desk at work), which is why picking a low-sugar snack is so important.

Rifkin recommends skipping over carb-heavy options (which can leave you bloated and sluggish) for something with lower-sugar, like Muuna®. "Stable blood sugar usually results in a more balanced energy production, reduced food craving, alertness and stability in mood," she notes.

Uniquely creamy Muuna® cups are flavored with real fruit on the bottom (and still have only nine grams of sugar total)—so with your pineapple, peach, or blueberry-infused snack you go straight to deliciousness, sans crash.

In partnership with Muuna®

Photos: Muuna®

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