I Tried a Lube Warmer, and It Turned Up the Temperature on My Pleasure More Than I Expected

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My sex toys are my pandemic babies. I bought most of them during the pandemic, because self pleasure was my personal safe space in the midst of global unrest and dysfunction. But despite my love for my bullets and bunnies and wands, I eventually experienced toy fatigue. Yes, they continued bringing me pleasure, but not joy; I was getting off with magnificent precision—but without flair. Then, I was sent the Pulse Warming System ($169), a non-touch lube and massage-oil dispenser, and it unexpectedly heated up my routine, solving a problem of sorts that I didn't even know I had.

At first sight of it, though, I was skeptical of how much it could help me. But even so, it was a pretty sight to see. According to Amy Buckalter, CEO and founder of Pulse, the Warming System's chic shape is inspired by Apple and Nespresso. “Our goal was to achieve modern minimalist elegance," she says. "Pulse reflects this in its visual simplicity and clean curves, sophisticated feel, and ease of how it works.” The design also includes mood lighting and dimmer for folks to non-verbally communicate their vibe of the moment.

Aesthetics aside, I wondered how much value there could really be in switching my lube, let alone needing to warm it up. I figured, if it's not broken, why fix it? Then, I plugged it in and promptly changed my mind.

What happened when I tried the Pulse Warming System for myself

The Pulse Warming System is compatible with its own lube and oil pods that fit in the warmer device. It comes with four pods of lube: two silicone-based Aloe-ahh pods and two chia-infused, water-based H2Oh! pods, with Buckalter calling chia a magical ingredient. “Most water-based alternatives either use chemicals like glycerin to create the slickness, or they add too many natural ingredients that can make them feel uncomfortably sticky. Pulse is the only lubricant brand that blends chia in its recipe to elevate both slickness and hydration.”

The lube was warm whenever I needed a fresh spray of it, and the product itself had an excellent, slick and smooth texture

After inserting a pod into the warmer, as if it were a Keurig pod, the device dispenses the product at 104°F, which is fantastic for temperature play, and if you’re trying anal. Warmed lubricant can help relax the muscles and improve blood flow, which can, in turn, give way to increased arousal.

To test how much it leveled up my own arousal level, I decided to do a direct comparison by using my MysterVibe Crescendo 2 with my usual certified-organic, aloe-infused lubricant and then the Pulse Warming System’s chia-infused H2Oh! For this experiment, both lubes were water-based.

With the Pulse Warming System, I first turned on the device's light. I switched it to the orange setting, which really set the tone: I felt relaxed, patient, and engaged. I pushed a separate button to warm the lube; the button glowed and pulsed to show that the process was underway. It took about two minutes. When the light went from flashing to solid, I knew the lube was warm. I placed my hand underneath the dispenser and got a pleasant jolt from the heat followed by a swift, pleasurable cool down. The lube was warm whenever I needed a fresh spray of it, and the product itself had an excellent, slick and smooth texture. Those chia seeds don’t play around, I suppose.

With my regular standby bottle of lube, I had typical issues of squirting out too much, making a mess in the bed; having sticky hands whenever I needed to re-up; and not seeing what I was doing in the dark, resulting me reaching for my desk lamp, taking me out of the moment. Now, with the Pulse Warming System, I’ve been spoiled: I can create a vibe, a mood, a moment! The light system in combination with the heated lube engaged my senses, keeping me present and attuned to my pleasure.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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