Get the Softest, Smoothest Feet With These Pumice Stones

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Not to sound like a negative Nancy, but winter is the absolute worst. The lack of humidity and cold weather dry out my feet, leaving them cracked and rough. That's why I keep pumice stones handy in my bathtub. If you don't have pumice stones, you need one. Trust me. Your feet will thank you—or, at least, they would if they could talk.

If you're wondering what a pumice stone is, here's the scoop. Pumice stones are basically light-yet-abrasive rocks. Formed when lava and water mix together, they help soften and smooth skin by buffing away rough parts. To use a pumice stone, just run it under warm water and add some soap. Move the stone in circular motions over calluses and rough parts, then marvel at your newly soft-as-a-baby's-bottom feet.

To help you find the right pumice stone, we compiled this list of our favorites.

Pumice stones for dry and cracked feet

1. Beauty by Earth Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone, $12

pumice stones
Photo: Beauty by Earth

Made of 100 percent volcanic rock, this pumice stone is perfect for sloughing off dead skin and calluses.

Shop now: Beauty by Earth Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone, $12

2. Zenda Naturals Pumice Stone, $10

pumice stones
Photo: Amazon

Treat your feet to an at-home spa day with this volcanic lava pumice stone, which helps remove calluses and dead skin. After you scrub, watch your feet look and feel good as new.

Shop now: Zenda Naturals Pumice Stone, $10

3. LATHER Pumice Stone, $7

pumice stones

Soak your feet for five to 10 minutes, soap them up, then let this molten lava stone take care of any roughness.

Shop now: LATHER Pumice Stone, $7

4. SmileBoutiques Natural Lava Stone Pumice Foot-Scrubber, $7

pumice stones
Photo: SmileBoutiques

Sized perfectly to fit comfortably in your hand, this pumice stone is available in black and white shades.

Shop now: SmileBoutiques Natural Lava Stone Pumice Foot-Scrubber, $7

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