Matcha Is Getting the PSL Treatment

Photo: Stocksy/Susan Brooks
If the sugar content in Starbucks' new bottled pumpkin spice latte has you holding back on getting your fix, don't you worry. There's a whole new way to experience your obsession: pumpkin spice matcha.

Made with ceremonial-grade matcha powder—so you can get your energy boost without worrying about the crash later—and seasoned with real pumpkin, you can pour yourself a cup without worrying about the sugar spike. (It only has one gram of the sweet stuff.)

Matcha is getting the PSL treatment
Photo: Healing Butterfly

"Our mission is simple—we want everyone to feel great," says Jackie Hirsch of her company Healing Butterfly, the masterminds behind the new seasonal matcha. "We keep everything affordable so people can have the nutritional support for the mind and body while also adding a little bit of fun to their day," she says.

The pumpkin spice matcha comes in a powder, and you whisk it up just as you would regular matcha. Because of the pumpkin, it turns out looking more like golden milk than the typical vibrant green hue. And, yes, it does taste like fall—but there's absolutely no rule against enjoying it now.

If you can't go a day without the beloved green tea, here's where to find matcha when you're out and about. And if you aren't quite ready for the PSL version yet, try mixing it with lemonade instead.

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