You Won’t Believe Where Medicinal Mushrooms Are Popping up Now

Photo: Purely Elizabeth

Purely Elizabeth
Photo: Purely Elizabeth

There are some ingredients you almost expect to be in your nutrition bar: Almond butter? Sure. Fruit? Awesome. But Purely Elizabeth—known for its delish probiotic granola and nutrient-filled oatmeal, is changing the game by launching a whole new wellness bar line all made with (wait for it) mushroom powder.

"Our mission is creating products using innovative ingredients, and after I discovered the extraordinary health benefits of mushrooms and that they have been used for thousands of years to promote health, it seemed like the perfect ingredient to include in our products," says Elizabeth Stein, founder and CEO of Purely Elizabeth and certified holistic health coach.

And Stein has seen their powers first hand, by sipping on mushrooms. "You really notice the difference right away," she says. "The blend I drink [a mixture of reishi and cordyceps] has given me sustained energy and focus throughout the day, no crash or jitters." She started experimenting with other functional mushroom blends and loved the results so much that she wanted to bring the benefits to the masses.

"The blend I drink [a mixture of reishi and cordyseps] has given me sustained energy and focus throughout the day, no crash or jitters."

The end result is her new line, which was launched a few days ago at ExpoWest, the biggest natural food event of the year, and will be widely available this August (though you can get them online right now). The five new Purely Elizabeth bars each have a different function: Immunity, Mind, Shine, Energy, and Refresh.

They contain are tons of different types of mushrooms, many of which are linked to specific health properties. Lion's mane, for example, is said to promote cognitive function, which is why the brand uses it in its Brain bar. And antrodia reputedly gives your body a boost when you're feeling run down, making it perfect for the brand's Refresh bar.

Food for function is great, but how exactly do these mushroom bars taste? Since granola, nut butter, and (in a few of 'em) dark chocolate are still key ingredients, they still feel like a treat. And yes, they're completely safe enough for kids to snack on.

So if you've been wanting to see what all the talk about magic mushrooms (no, not that kind) is about, without navigating the worlds of tinctures or exotic lattes, here's your chance.  Because the buzzy fungi is about to invade your supermarket—and, possibly, your snack drawer.

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