Why You Need to Watch This Groundbreaking New Show About Women and Cannabis

Photo: Jessica Assaf
Not all that long ago, the cannabis-loving community was widely represented by the Dude, Where's My Car? set. But as marijuana goes more mainstream, the media—and wellness world—is realizing that there may be more to the inhalation habit than Bill, Ted, and their excellent adventures.

Queens of the Stoned Age, a new web series produced by cannabis media company Merry Jane and, naturally, Snoop Dogg, wants to change the public's perception of what it means to be a female weed-lover.

"Cannabis culture is changing fast, and women need to be a part of the conversation," says Jessica Assaf, Well+Good's resident cannabis expert and columnist, who had the idea for (and stars in) the show. "Cannabis use has been stigmatized so much—and so many women are either scared of cannabis or ashamed of their use." Assaf says she regularly meets women who, even in states where marijuana is legal, feel too nervous to discuss using it. And yet, in the privacy of their homes, they're finding that the herb makes them more creative, productive, in tune with their emotions, and less depressed and anxious.

"So many women are either scared of cannabis or ashamed of their use."

"[Snoop Dogg and I] shared the vision that women could help shift the cannabis conversation and make everyone more open to the benefits of the plant," says Assaf of her inspiration for the show.

The series comes to life through the voices of a diverse group of women—including musicians, activists, adult film stars, and models—and was shot by a women-only crew. "We used cannabis openly together and talked about taboo topics like sex and body positivity," says Assaf. "It was the most powerful experience to see and feel how cannabis connected us to ourselves and each other. In an all-female environment, we felt safe and comfortable to talk intimately about our experiences."

Forget Harold and Kumar: "This is the future of wellness," Assaf says.

Queens of the Stoned Age premieres on Merry Jane's YouTube channel the first week of September.

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