The Arm Series So Hard That One W+G Reader Said It Should Come With a ‘Disclaimer’

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Even when your gym is only a few steps away from your couch desk, it can be hard to motivate to get there. One thing that makes it easier? Knowing that you can be on and off the mat in 7 minutes, feeling assured that you've gotten a solid workout in for the day. And this quickie arms series will give you exactly that. Don't let the under-10-minute time stamp fool you: It's actually so tough that one reader (literally) commented: "There should be a disclaimer on this, [because] if you do it midday your arms may not work when you go back to work."

In this 7-minute series, trainer Liv McIlkenny demonstrates a series of moves with light weights, including bicep curls, hammer curls, tricep dips, rows, and tricep kickbacks. Though you may only be lifting two pounds dumbbells (or a set of wine bottles, because you do you), you'll be feeling their effects within the first 60 seconds. The reason? You'll be doing the moves at tempo, with plenty of pulsing and double-time thrown into the mix. According to McIlkenny, you can do this quick arm workout before or after your usual workout, but considering our readers think it should come with a disclaimer, it's also plenty hard enough to stand on its own. Your arms will likely feel like noodles by the end, so consider yourself warned.

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Up for the challenge? Follow along with the full video, below.

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