A Trick to Smooth Your Strands in Seconds When Sweater Weather Gives You Static Hair

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
Unpacking your cold-weather clothing is a quintessential fall moment that signals the official start of sweater-and-leggings season. Yet, despite pulling on a cozy knit solving one major problem this time of year (keeping you warm when the weather's not), it often creates another: static hair. According to one celebrity hairstylist, however, banishing the frizz—like, stat—is simple: Run a little lotion through your lengths.

"Moisturizer is great to keep on hand if you have coarse hair, whether that’s a hand lotion you have in your bag already or a small package product like Ouai finishing creme," says Ashley Rubell. "A little pinch will go along way."

So if you're sitting at your desk, and your hair starts looking electric, she recommends taking a moment to: First, give your hands a little hydrating TLC, and then smooth the last little bit of product over any rogue strands of hair. "Don’t use too much pressure with your application or it can make your roots greasy. Similar to conditioner, you want to focus on your ends and not your roots," advises Rubell.

Better yet, if you don't happen to have lotion on hand, pat your hair with a few drops of H2O for a similar effect. "Water’s an easy fix for almost everything," she says. (Ain't that the truth.)

Once your tresses are back in formation, Rubell has some tips for how to keep them there long-term. Next time you wash your hair, use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute a deep conditioner in the shower. After you rinse it out, don’t brush it," she recommends. Allow it to air dry rather than towel dry. Doing so will help fight the frizz so you can go back to being fall's biggest fangirl.

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