This Full-Body Move Lets You Do a Complete Workout in Just a Minute

Photo: Getty Images/Mat Svetikd
Some days it's nearly impossible to find the time to make your way down a long list of exercises that add up to a proper full-body workout. Who says you need an entire handful, though? One celebrity trainer knows the struggle, and that's exactly why she has a go-to move she can always count on to get the job done.

Kira Stokes—the fitness guru who works with the likes of Shay Mitchell and Candace Cameron Bure—recently shared an exercise on Instagram that will have you feeling sore from your head to your toes, and it all starts with the panther plank.

Basically, the move is a higher-intensity and sweat-inducing variation of the standard plank. "It's definitely more challenging than it looks—your shoulders will feel 'the good stuff' pretty quickly," she writes. After just a couple of some reps and some add-ons of other moves you love, you'll have a workout that'll leave you feeling accomplished. And, bonus: you don't need any fancy equipment—or any equipment period, for that matter—and you won't even have to leave your mat.

Ready to get started? Try Kira Stokes' time-saving, full-body panther planks.

1. Starting in a panther plank, complete a commando by moving each arm down to the forearm and then back up.

2. Hop out into an extended leg plank and perform another commando.

3. Do a push-up and hop back into a panther plank.

4. Repeat for 60 seconds.

Stokes recommends repeating the exercise for a whole minute, or three to four times through the steps. By the end of the 60-ish seconds, your workout will feel more than complete.

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