Feel the Burn in Just 3 Minutes With This Full-Body Sculpting Circuit

We get it, sometimes sweating it out in a heart-pumping cardio sesh just feels good. But if you've been logging so many hours on the elliptical you're running out of shows to binge watch, we've got something new (and less monotonous) for you to try.

In the latest episode of our Sweat Series with Athleta, yoga and Pilates guru Melissa Wood shares her three-minute, full-body method that you can do anywhere (or if you're at home, feel free to add ankle weights for an extra challenge).

Wood and her sweat sister Tina Marie Clark, founder of HeyMama.co, are both busy moms of toddlers, so trust: they're all about maximizing their workout window.

"If you have children or you're a business woman or you have a career that you're building, [working out for] an hour a day—if you're doing a 20-minute meditation on top of that—it's not realistic for everyone," Wood says. (Seriously, truth.)

But what this sweat sesh lacks in wasted time it makes up for in serious burn. So grab your own fitness BFF and squeeze in this quickie workout—then you can actually sit down to watch Netflix together.

Watch the video above to see how it's done, and shop their fave workout looks below.

In partnership with Athleta

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