This Low-Impact Cardio Workout Spikes Your Heart Rate Without Enraging Downstairs Neighbors

Being quarantined has added a number of challenges to everyone's fitness routines, to say the very least. One of the most frustrating? Figuring out how to get your cardio in without enraging your downstairs neighbors... or your joints. The solution? Sweating through this quick low-impact cardio workout, which will spike your heart rate without forcing you to pound the pavement.

Star trainer Charlee Atkins, founder of Le Sweat TV, is bringing us an efficient and low-impact cardio sesh that will be so quiet, your neighbors will never even know that you're working out. This workout is completely jump-free (unless you so choose to add in some hops), equipment-free, and it only takes up the space of a yoga mat. Win-win-win.

But if you're thinking low-impact cardio equates to being easy, think again. You're definitely going to be winded and sweat as you get your heart rate up just as high as you would in a jog. Atkins takes you through deceivingly hard moves like knee drives, floor-drop push-ups, and no-jumping jumping jacks (yes, these are a thing). Your body will benefit by still reaping all of the traditional perks of cardiovascular exercise—like increased brain health, boosting your mood, and increasing your lung capacity—but without the hard-hitting impact of things like running, burpees, and jump squats.

First up, of course, you'll be taken through a proper warmup filled with dynamic exercises that open up your hips and inner thighs. Once your body is nice and heated, you'll be better able to slay the cardio workout... which, BTW, only takes 25 minutes (and that includes the warmup). Note that this round of exercises is going to work your full body, and incorporate plenty of core work throughout. By the time the session's finished, you'll be dripping with sweat, feeling those endorphins, and probably getting a thank you note from your downstairs neighbor for being so considerate and whisper-quiet. Hit play on the video above for your new favorite quickie workout.

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