Quince’s Best-Selling, No-Pill Sweater Is Back in Stock After a Waitlist—And It’s Only $50

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Quince, home of ethically and sustainably-made apparel and accessories (that also happen to be comparable in quality to designer brands, but far gentler on the wallet because of the manufacturer-to-customer business model), has finally restocked its popular Baby Alpaca Wool Diamond Stitch Crew sweater. And I'm telling you: Buy several. Or at least, I am—after owning one and wearing it nearly every single day for months, I've decided to give myself some more options (perfect timing, since Quince just added more colors).

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Baby Alpaca-Wool Diamond Stitch Crew — $50.00

Choose from four different colors: brown, light grey, charcoal, and ivory. A sweater like this traditionally retails for $98. Plus: free shipping.

Currently, I own the brown sweater—paired with some leggings or jeans, it makes for the perfect early autumnal uniform. Oversized, light (yet cozy), and softer than you could ever imagine, the alpaca crewneck has a pretty diamond stitch pattern that makes it a little more special than the wool sweaters you've stockpiled over the years. It's also specifically designed to not pill, which already means it's a star in my sweater book.

Plus, since it's made with light, baby alpaca and extrafine wool, it's not itchy at all—in fact, it feels more like cashmere than it does wool. It's also partially crafted with nylon, which gives it some stretch. Quince ensures that alpacas weren't harmed during the shearing process (and the brand doesn't use harmful chemicals during farming), so you can rest assured your cute new sweater was made without hurting any animals.

The only caveat here is that the only way to wash your new alpaca sweater is to have it dry cleaned. While it's incredibly durable, and you can wear it days on end without wear and tear, you can't just throw it in the wash. Sorry—wool can be a little maintenance.

If you're sold on Quince's alpaca sweater, then A) great, that means I'm doing my job, and B) you should also check out some of my other Quince favorites, like their washable silk wrap dress (it's a summeryy dress, but it goes well with tights), affordable cashmere sweaters, and performance leggings.

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