Problem Solved: Podiatrists Love This Affordable, Everyday Sneaker That Requires No Break-In Period

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Not that they ever went out of style, but casual sneakers are having a major moment right now. New Balances, Vejas, and Adidas Sambas and Gazelles are the hottest they’ve ever been, which is why you’re constantly seeing them on your social feeds. But if you’re not keen on dropping the cash to take part in the trend, Quince, the San Francisco-based affordable luxury brand behind our favorite cashmere sweaters and workout leggings, just dropped the *perfect* spring sneaker—the Eco Cotton Canvas Everyday Sneakers ($50).

A modern twist on a classic shoe, the canvas sneakers have a cool and *timeless* look that compliments just about anything in your closet, and they’re made using eco-friendly materials. But that’s not even the best part—they’ve got a podiatrist’s seal of approval too. Here’s why you need this foot-friendly sneaker in your cart.

quince canvas sneaker in white and black
Quince, Eco Cotton Canvas Everyday Sneaker — $50.00

Designed with a breathable organic cotton canvas upper, cushioned memory foam insole, and slip-resistant rubber outsole, Quince’s Everyday Sneaker is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Why we love Quince sneakers

Beyond the refreshingly accessible price tag, Quince’s Everyday Sneakers tick all of our boxes—they’re stylish, comfortable, and sustainably made. “These are very similar to a pair of shoes I have that cost twice as much,” echoes one happy Quince shopper in a 5-star review. “The Quince pair is simple, looks very well made, and most importantly, is really comfortable.”

The organic cotton canvas upper (which means the cotton was grown without the use of pesticides) offers plenty of breathability on warmer days—a must for optimal foot health, according to Margeret Trevillion MCPod, founder of Walk This Way Podiatry. “Breathable materials help prevent feet from overheating, excessive sweating and ultimately fungal skin and nail infections,” she explains. And they come in black and natural canvas colorways, making them an easy add to any outfit.

And unlike other shoes that deliver on style but skimp out on support, the Quince Eco Cotton Canvas Sneaker offers comfort for days. The chunky, slip-resistant rubber outsole helps keep you stable should you get stuck in any spring showers, and gives you just the right amount of height, according to Trevillion. “They give you height, without the adverse postural changes that high heels do,” she tells us. “And the non-slip rubber soles reinforce the comfort.”

Factor in the cushiony, memory-foam insoles that support your arches, and you’ve got the perfect shoe for long days out. “Love these kicks!” gushes a Quince customer in a 5-star review. “Perfect for running around town.” It also requires zero breaking in—just slip 'em on and go.

TLDR; if you’re looking to *step up* your sneaker game this spring, you can’t go wrong with Quince’s latest launch. “Sneaker trends come and go season on season, but the Quince Eco Cotton Canvas Sneaker is a classic, practical and effortless sneaker,” Trevillion agrees. Snag your pair on the Quince site, here.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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