Quitting Sugar? With These 3 Recipes, You Don’t Have to Skip Dessert

Photo: Martina Slajerova

Listen, it's no big deal if you spent the holidays straying from the healthy eating plan you normally enjoy. I definitely did. A little less ginger stir-fry and a little extra gingerbread for a few days isn't the end of the world, after all.

The only problem: My sweet tooth is still giving me serious cravings, likely from the spike in sugar—and the ensuing crash— from all of those frosted face cookies.

How to get back to a regular routine without having serious withdrawals? Don't give up dessert—just give up the sugar. (Yep, it's possible.)

These 3 recipes will soothe your sweet tooth, sans the sweet stuff. Swear.

ketosis bites healthy desserts sugar-free
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1. Blue Magik Mint Ketosis Bites

These adorably pastel, no-bake, and keto-friendly treats get their bright color from blue magik powder, a strain of E3 live, which is a form of nutrient-rich blue-green algae, like spirulina.

vegan doughnut recipe
Photo credit: Maya Sozer

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Donut Holes

It's hard to believe that a dessert this glazed could be healthy—but it has plenty of protein and fiber, thanks to its PB-and-oat base. Add raisin- and cocoa-induced sweetness and you've got a delish sugar-free dessert on deck.

Photo: Martina Slajerova

3. Mint and Chocolate Chip Ice Bombs

Although this recipe comes from a book called Fat Bombs, promise these are super healthy, with a focus on ingredients like nuts, seeds, coconut, cacao butter, and full-fat dairy. Here, it's the creamed coconut milk (look for it near coffee creamer in your supermarket) that makes these treats the bomb (couldn't resist)—when it comes to the taste.

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