Quiz: Which Healthy Hot Winter Beverage Is Right for You?

Photo: Stocksy/Rob and Julia Campbell
There was a time (say, eight months ago) when finding a ginger shot or a turmeric latte required a bit of effort. Not any longer. Wellness drinks have left the fringe and entered the mainstream. Nowadays, golden milk can be found at both Starbucks and Pret a Manger. (And matcha? That green goodness has been available everywhere for years.) But, as peak hygge season approaches quickly, how do you pick which hot wellness beverage is right for you?

Don't be overwhelmed—I'm here to help! If you're battling inflammation, a turmeric drink might be your best bet. But if you've been dealing with an aggressive midday slump, a cup of piping hot matcha might be the better option.

Regardless, this quiz will help point you in the direction of your next healing cup.

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