Quiz: What Gut-Friendly Beverage Is Right for You?

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If your kombucha could talk...
You know it's a smart idea to incorporate a probiotic-packed bev like KeVita's kombucha and bubbly probiotic drinks into your daily jam. But when you come face-to-face with the (seemingly endless) selection at your corner store, that's easier said than done. Are you in the mood for a sip on the sweeter side? Something slightly spicy? More on the savory side?

Here's how to find your kombucha and probiotic drink soulmate.

We're here to help, with a genius quiz to help determine your kombucha soulmate. Next time you're on the aisle, start with your match and go from there (if you need a little help, Well+Good editors taste tested them all, btw). Your probiotic BFF is only a few clicks away.

In partnership with KeVita 

Top photo: KeVita

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