The Self-Care Routine That Helped This “Bachelorette” Star Get Through Her Stressful Season

Photo: Instagram/@therachlindsay
Anyone who watched Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette knows how high-stress her journey to find true love became. Dating one guy is hard enough, so dating 31 simultaneously? Yeah, all sorts of crazy. Luckily when she wasn't deciphering who was there "for the right reasons," and handing out roses, the lawyer-turned-reality-TV-star was making self-care a priority.

While finding time for herself while she was a contestant on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor was a piece of cake, Lindsay said things took a turn once she became the series lead.

"On The Bachelor, I journaled and talked with the other girls. I also woke up early in the morning to work out by myself, reflect, and meditate. When you're the lead, there's no time for that," Lindsay told Self. "Every day, you're going on a date, preparing to travel, and doing interviews—there's no time for self-care. And about halfway through the season, it shifts from being physically draining to emotionally draining."

"If I had a couple hours, I would write. When I was traveling on planes, I wouldn't fall asleep—I'd actually use the alone time to think and reflect."

In order to stay refreshed, energized, and able to give finding love everything she had, she learned to use her time wisely, fitting self-care into her schedule whenever she could.

"If I had a couple hours, I would write," Lindsay said. "When I was traveling on planes, I wouldn't fall asleep—I'd actually use the alone time to think and reflect."

If she could find time for a little R&R in her chaotic schedule, anyone can. So the next time you're feeling a little drained, make yourself a priority: Take yourself out to eat at your favorite healthy spot, splurge on a fitness class you haven't taken in a while, or do as Lindsay did—simply find a private space to give your brain a breather.

Everyone needs a self-care routine like Jennifer Aniston's. And if you want to add something more constant to your regimen, consider these powerful daily, weekly, and monthly rituals.

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