This New Serum Has Literally Changed My Skin for the Better

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People are seeing my face a lot right now. My co-workers every day on Zoom meetings, my family when I call them on FaceTime, my friends when we do virtual drinks on Houseparty. I'm seeing a lot of my face right now, too. Every day, when I speak, a screen flashes back to my makeup-free mug. (Because why waste products when you have very few places to go?) Which is why I thought it might be my brain playing a trick on me when I realized that my skin was progressively getting glowier. My near constant viewing of my face must be having some psychological effect of coming to grips with my skin, I mused. Maybe the laptop's screen had illuminated my face in a way I never noticed before. Maybe I was losing it.

But then my mom said something. And my friends, on Houseparty, chimed in as I picked up the call: "Your skin looks so good." My sister, a former manager of Sephora, also commented. My skin, it seems, had picked one of the dimmest times to turn up the lights. I actually was bright and glowy. But what had changed? Not much. Not much at all. Except this: Rael's Good Chemistry Advanced Antioxidant Serum ($38).

Rael Good Chemistry Serum
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Shop: Rael Good Chemistry Advanced Antioxidant Serum, $38

I'm solidly in my 30s, and my skin has always toggled between being basically fine and holy-shit-that's-a-lot-of-pimples (thanks, hormones), without much of an in between. So, it actually makes a lot of sense that the serum that changed my life is from a brand that focuses on period care. Rael launched in 2017, but recently expanded this February to include skin-care products. The Good Chemistry Advanced Antioxidant Serum is super lightweight and has a pleasant-but-not-at-all-overwhelming fragrance. Most importantly, it packs a punch: it combines fullerene, a carbon compound that is 172 times stronger than vitamin C,  and hyaluronic acid to improve skin's texture and hydration, with green tea leaf extract to soothe skin. I've tried a lot of serums in my life, and this one has become my no-going-back pick.

Sincerely and honestly, it's made one thing infinitely better in this crazy time. And while you may be overwhelmed and/or rethinking your skin-care routine altogether (there is no better time), I can't say enough good things about Good Chemistry. Now, do yourself a favor and nab it, then learn how to turn off your Zoom self-reflection, because even with perfect skin, you deserve a break from gawking at yourself. You're welcome.

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