These Rainbow-Hued Beaches Are What You Need to Fully Get Out of Winter Mode

Photo: Instagram/MalikaDudley

Few things in life are better for the mind, body, and soul than a trip to the beach—except, one might argue, putting your feet in sand that is purple (or red, or orange, or green). After all, 2018 is all about color (ultra-violet, in particular). So why not carry the trend into your travels by adding brightly hued beaches onto your bucket list?

These far-flung destinations boast some of the most beautiful and rare beaches in the world, photos of which are sure to make your friends, family, and followers turn green (with envy). Keep reading to find out how Anne of Green Gables and The Odyssey's Homer factor into this story—or simply scroll to offer your eyes a welcome break from dreary winter landscapes.

Keep reading to learn where these rainbow-hued beaches can be found.

Red-sand beaches

Maui, Hawaii: Kaihalulu Beach
This red sand beach is located in the middle of the town of Hana in Maui, one of the state's most isolated towns. That's why this beautiful spot is often sparsely populated; it's not easy to reach. The trail leading to Kaihalula Beach is steep and slippery, so caution (as in, don't wear your flip-flops to trek there) is advised. Once located, however, the Instagram opportunity here is one-of-a-kind. Just be sure to avoid the accidental photobombing of nudists, who are known to frequent this secluded spot.

Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada
The red hue of these sands comes from an abundance of iron. And you can get out of the sun to visit the nearby historic house that inspired the L.M. Montgomery book Anne of Green Gables.

Orange-sand beaches

Ramla Bay: Gozo, Malta
This unique beach is near Calypso Cave, which is said to be the one Homer refers to in The Odyssey. Another post-beach excursion: Check out the statue of the Virgin Mary, which dates back to the late 1800s.

Porto Covo, Portugal
While this beautiful orange beach may not be the main draw, it's a pretty good reason to relax here. If you want even more reasons to visit, find out why all of the cool kids in wellness are currently flocking to Portugal.

Green-sand beaches

Papakolea Beach: Big Island, HI 
This incredible beach is cut into the side of an ancient volcano. Its green hue is created by a lava component called olivine. Bonus: If you hike to the volcano site, you'll pass old Hawaiian temples en route.

Purple-sand beaches

Pfeiffer Beach: Big Sur, CA
If you're looking for a beach with sand to match Pantone's color of the year (ultra-violet!) this is as close as you'll come. The sand's unique ribbons of color come from the manganese garnet found in surrounding rocks. Stop by the beach, then hike the trails of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

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