‘Hair Mood Kits’ Are the Best Thing to Happen to Color Maintenance in a Long Time

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Ever since the quarantine orders commenced, people began turning to their makeup bags for a mixture of self care and fun experimentation. And still, others changed up their hair, either going for drastic chops or finally trying out a different hair color. If you're interested in the latter, I'd like to introduce you to Hair Mood Kits, a pandemic-born rainbow hair dye kit that makes it easier than ever to don a new hue without having to step into a salon. In other words: Joy in a pouch.

Brand founder Lucy Jacobi is a New York City-based hairstylist and colorist who, like many others in the industry, received a flurry of messages from her clients asking for help dealing with their roots when salons were closed. "People didn't have anywhere to go besides a box," says Jacobi. "We're going to be in 'quarantine' for who knows how long, so that's why I developed these color kits."

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  • Lucy Jacobi, Lucy Jacobi is a New York City-based hair stylist and colorist who founded Hair Mood Kits.

Within the line are three main products: a Mood Root Kit ($75), which handles grays; a Mood Gloss Kit ($75), which brings the vibrancy back to your regular hair color; and a Moody Color Kit ($75), which is a rainbow hair dye that gives you a hue of your choice. "I want to make hair fun—beauty should be something that brings you joy," says Jacobi.

Since many people are either still social distancing or working from home for the forseeable future, it's the perfect time to go bold with your look, and finally try a hair color that you've always had your eyes on. "That guise of professionalism that we had being in the office, as it relates to fun-colored hair, is melting away," says Jacobi. "People who were nervous about unnatural colors in their hair are definitely more about it now. It feels so liberating to be able to try something."

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As for the most popular hues, Jacobi says that a lot of people have been turning to peach and pink dyes during quarantine. "It's a cool dip-your-toe-in color," she says. "The fade is really nice. But I've been getting so many orders for oranges and yellows, too. As people get more comfortable, I think neon colors are going to be way more popular." And just as you can play around with rainbow-colored makeup, you can do the same with your hair—a dye kit truly brings sunshine to WFH life.

The hair dye kits make the coloring process super-easy, and if you're unsure of whether your hair will work better with, say, pink or blue, you can have an online consultation with a colorist to find your best fit. So, just as people are becoming their own manicurists and facialists, colorful hair dye is here for the taking—even in the most adventurous colors. "It's not permanent, so who cares?" says Jacobi. "Play around with it."

After dyeing your hair, you can learn to cut it yourself, too—watch the video below for the intel on how to do it. 

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