Finally, Slippers You Can Wear Rain or Shine (or Snow)

When predicting 2022 footwear trends, I never guessed that sleeping bag-esque slippers would be all the rage. Maybe people want slippers they can wear when it snows, or perhaps they're just a new twist on a classic concept. Either way, if you think of a brand that sells slippers, you'll likely find a sleeping-bag style to make your own.

For the uninitiated, sleep-bag slippers are made out of puffy, nylon sleeping bag material. They're soft, stylish, and sometimes more durable than regular slippers. There's the Ember moc from Teva and the Thermoball Traction Mule from the North Face. However, the star of the sleeping-bag-slipper show is the Ramble Puff Linear from Chaco. I am going to lay out exactly why.

First of all, injuries like a spill down the stairs or a slip on some ice can be pretty serious, and shoe choice can have a lot to do with risk. I have taken many-a-spill in my life because of flimsy footwear (like the complimentary slippers that you might get from a salon or hotel). The first thing I noticed about the Ramble Puff Linear was that I wasn't sliding around in them, and they were unlikely to betray me on slippery surfaces like snow. The traction on these babies reminds me of cleats that athletes wear. Okay, they're not that pointy, but the Ramble Puff Linear would be the cleats of the slipper world.

Now, for the second matter of business. I love the slip-on shoes as much as the next guy, but that adoration does not bode well when they're constantly falling off. These shoes, however, are staying put. They still slip on, but if you decide to wear them out (which you totally can and should), there's a convenient strap running diagonally across the shoe. The strap drew me to the shoe in the first place because it looks really cool (and it's functional).

Last but certainly not least, these shoes are great for inside and outdoors. Since I work from home, I usually spend a good chunk of the winter visiting my parents in Michigan, and I am no stranger to sneaky black ice or an ankle full of snow sneaking into my shoe. The Ramble Puff Linear don't go above your ankles, but they are cinchable so that, if you step outside with your dog or to get the mail, you can tighten the opening and prevent a shoe full of snow. Additionally, the traction on the bottom is perfect for an icy driveway. ( I gave my mom a pair because her driveway can be treacherous in a distinctly Michigan-winter kind of way.)

These shoes really deliver when it comes to stepping out to get the mail, keeping your feet warm on cold kitchen floors, or even hanging out at your campsite in between hikes. The warmth of the "sleeping bag" material, durable strap, and traction of the sole can give you even more peace of mind. All in all, I'd say this was a great addition to my (albeit too full) shoe collection.

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