This Subscription Box Is Leading the Charge Against “Pink Tax”

Photo: Billie
Along with a long list of household goods and services, including dry cleaning, hair products, and clothes, women tend to also pay more for their razors than men do. But Billie, a new whimsical, design-forward shaving subscription service and body care line for women, wants to offer an alternative.

"The idea that women should pay more for something purely because of their gender is absurd," says Georgina Gooley, the brand's co-founder. So she and co-founder Jason Bravman are doling out "pink tax rebates" to do something about it.

"The pink tax exists across a number of products and services—from apparel and children's toys—but it was razors that really hit home for me," says Gooley. "Women can pay anywhere from 10 to 15 percent more for a 'pink' razor compared to an identical men's one. So the "pink tax rebate" is designed to bring awareness to this, while giving money back to women who've spent years overpaying for their razors."

"Women can pay anywhere from 10 to 15 percent more for a 'pink' razor."

If you sign up, you'll receive premium-quality razors at a fraction of the cost of those on the market and at the same price as many men's subscription razors. The first package will come with two razor blades (surrounded by a paraben-free shave balm), a chic handle (you can choose from four millennial-approved colors), and—the best part—a magnetic holder, all for nine bucks.

Billie is also launching body care products without any sulfates, parabens, or synthetic dyes, which you can add to your subscription.

To get your rebate, all you have to do is enter your BFF's email addresses—once they enter their own email and your referral link (no purchase necessary), you'll get $5, $10, or $20 for every five, 10, or 20 friends you get to add their emails. Then you can use that money on Billie products to make them even cheaper. Along with the anti-tampon tax movement, this is another way women are fighting back for being charged more for their gender. Talk about #girlpower.

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