How to Totally Re-Energize Your Home for 2018

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As the New Year approaches, it's out with the old and in with the new. Nowhere is that mantra more important than in your living space, which can sometimes feel stagnant as time wears on. When it comes to breathing new life into your home, however, a complete overhaul isn't always necessary. Sometimes, you just need to clear the air, introduce a new scent, or get crafty to re-energize your rooms, and by virtue, yourself.

"The new year symbolizes a moment to pause and reflect on where one is going and ask if this where they want to be going,” says Holly Star, celebrity spiritual healer and founder of home accessory brand Matter & Home. "Starting the New Year with new energy and ideas allows you to reset and to be in touch with your goals, heart's desire, and inspirational direction.”

Since good vibes start in home, read on for Star’s tips on how to clear out your space to make 2018 your most positively energized year yet.

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Clear the air

If you’re not already on board with smudging (or burning materials such as sage or palo santo to do away with negative energy or bring about positive energy), Star says that January 1 is as good a time as ever to give it a go. "Burn sandalwood to ground the space, or burn pine to uplift the space,” says Star.

Alternatively, bring some fresh lavender, rose, or jasmine flowers into your home instead. "When you have fresh flowers in the room they can absorb negative energy; plants helps oxygenate the home," she explains. "Anything that can be added to create meaning and life force is key."

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Get the energy moving

Feeling the itch to redecorate? "Move the furniture around to create space where energy can flow through it, and get rid of anything that doesn’t feel good in your home,” says Star. She also suggests using the Komari method on your furniture and ditching anything that doesn’t have a “good feeling.”

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Start diffusing

Sight isn’t the only sense that influences the energy in your home. Smell does as well. “Purchase a diffuser and use lavender, some lemon, or pine for an additional uplifting of your spirit,” says Star. "In the winter months, amber creates a very supportive energy or try anything in the evergreen family.” Check out some top diffusers or give this space-clearing spray from Matter & Home a go.

Invest in the homemade

There's no place like home...or in this case, homemade. "For your space, buy art or handmade crafts from people you know, locals you love, or traveling adventurers," says Star. "Let your home remind you of love, connection, memories, and things that are dear to you."

Go craft crazy

Not only can DIY crafting be an excellent form of self-care, but it can also help make your home feel more you. "Make something for your home, paint it, weave it, design it. Add love, add care, and create something that expresses a part of you,” says Star. Better yet? Give it an intention. By creating a physical representation of a goal, you can remind yourself where you want to be heading in the year ahead.

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