Halloween, Schmalloween: Let’s Make Witchiness a Year-Round Thing

Photo: Stocksy/Meghan Pinsonneault
No matter what costume you're wearing for Halloween this year, there's a good chance you're feeling witchier than ever. Seriously, no need to rock a Wicked-style green face and belt "Defying Gravity" to be a part of the covenly vibe on the rise.

To be clear, by "witches," I mean the archetype seen in culture—not necessarily real modern-day witches, as in those who practice magick with a "k." Rather, I mean witchiness that can be seen as a signal of collective female power. Basically, it's a little bit good-witch Glinda, a little bit greek-goddess Gaia—and it's showing up more and more in our cultural consciousness.

Witchiness that can be seen as a signal of collective female power is on the rise and is about to become a year-round obsession.

Think: Sage-scented women's circles and for-ladies-only coworking spaces (the Wing even refers to itself as a coven) mixed with a healthy dose of plant-based elixirs, crystals, intention-setting, and an interest in all things lunar. And some politically minded and enthusiastically witchy women have even been casting spells since last year to try to influence policy. As the pre-midterm election fervor heats up, the defiant, go-for-broke vibe in my social feed can be summed up by this Super Spiritual Instagram post: "Cauldron fire: lit. Spell: cast. Titties: out."

Essentially, witchiness is hardly a Halloween thing anymore—it is a year-round obsession. Helping that along is popular culture, whether it's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, the Charmed reboot on CW,  the return of the Coven witches this year on American Horror Story, or Hocus Pocus' 25th anniversary (which Bette Midler has celebrated on Instagram all month long).

Kathy Najimy, who starred with Midler and a pre-Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker in the 1993 cult hit, says fans of the cult classic still ask her about it all the time. "Help me understand, why do you think people are so in love with that movie?" RuPaul asked her recently at New York City's DragCon (which was aired on the RuPaul: What's the Tee? podcast). Najimy had an interesting theory for its staying power.

"Honestly, and I'm not just saying this because I'm on this panel, I think people have a crazy, wild, wonderful fascination with drag queens. And I think we were three drag queens. I think we were three over-the-top, hilarious witches. Like here," Najimy said to the crowd.

Whether that's the connection that speaks to you or you more so align with the women of Vanderpump Rules calling themselves the "Witches of WeHo," it doesn't matter. What does is that we're mobilizing our covens to support one another. So no matter the season, find your inner witch if you haven't already, and cast some productive spells.

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