4 Tips for Kombucha Newbies—and the One Drink That Will Convert You

You've heard the buzz surrounding the good-for-you reasons to guzzle kombucha, but you just haven't quite been able to convince yourself to jump on the bandwagon. Doesn't fermented mean rotten? And do you even need the extra probiotics if you already take a supplement?

We tapped New Orleans-based Molly Kimball, RD to answer all our burning kombucha Q's, and get to the root of the hype around the wellness-lover's drink of choice.

"I think when people hear fermented beverage, they think it’s going to be kind of icky," Kimball says. "But I tell people that if they like carbonated drinks or champagne they'll probably like it because it has that same light fizziness."

Another oft-reported turn off for first-timers? The "floaties" you sometimes find in your bottle of booch, which are bits of yeast left over from the fermentation process that can make your sipping experience less than pleasant.

KeVita Master Brew Kombucha takes the extra step of removing all these floaties before bottling it, so all you get is bubbly, probiotic-rich deliciousness—and no weird particles. Plus, KeVita crafts its blends exclusively with organic and non-GMO ingredients, so you can rest assured you're getting only the best versions of the good stuff.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for your roadmap to becoming a kombucha lover.

Scroll down for the dietitian-approved reasons you should hop on the kombucha train—and guidance for where to start if you're new to the trend.

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1. Go for flavor first

There's no reason to force yourself to down a drink you don't enjoy (where's the #selflove in that?). That's why Kimball recommends kombucha newbies opt for a flavored variety.

"I think a beginner should start with a flavor," she says. "There are so many flavors available now. If they can start by finding a flavor that they like, that’s going to be step one."

KeVita Master Brew Kombucha comes in 11 different flavors, with creative combos like blueberry basil and pineapple peach. So whether you're into something spicy like mango habanero or more exotic like dragonfruit lemongrass, you'll be able to find the flavor fix your tastebuds will heart.

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2. Consider it a supplement to your supplements

You pop your daily fish oil and multivitamin like it's your job, so why not add one more wellness booster to your routine? Kimball recommends viewing kombucha as just another addition to your cache of healthy-girl tools—even if you're already taking a probiotic tablet.

"If someone is looking to add probiotics to their diet, I prefer to get them from real food and drink," says Kimball, who says that's a better bet to ensure you're getting live active cultures. Prime example: Every bottle of KeVita has billions of active cultures that remain alive from the moment it's bottled to the moment you take a sip.

reasons to drink kombucha

3. Use it to beat the 3 p.m. slump

When you're drooping over your desk in the afternoon and contemplating a third cup of coffee, Kimball says that's actually the perfect time to reach for a kombucha.

"I also like it because the nature of it as being carbonated, and lightly fizzy, a light bit of sugar, I find that people will have it almost as an energy booster throughout the day,"  says the RD, who recommends sipping it before lunch, or using it to bridge the window between lunch and dinner (which conveniently coincides with your urge to afternoon nap). "They get a little lift, plus the probiotic benefits."

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4. Let your body convince you

"The biggest and most obvious benefit of kombucha is the probiotic content," Kimball says. But the benefits of booch don't stop with supporting your gut's microbiome. Maintaining the right balance of good bacteria may give you a benefit outside of your gut, Kimball says, since 70 percent of your immune system is located there.

"We tend think of probiotics as benefitting your stomach," Kimball says. "But we now know that having a good balance of intestinal flora is also linked to...our immune system. There’s a full-body list of reasons why I would [recommend probiotics] beyond just gut health."

News like that calls for a toast (with kombucha, of course).

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