This 15-Minute Rebounder HIIT Workout is High Intensity, Low Impact, and Great for Longevity

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a favorite for many and for good reason—it's effective, efficient, and can be done anywhere without any equipment. Unfortunately, it can be hard on the joints, however, which is why rebounder HIIT is a thing, (and one you may want to get involved with if you're hoping to protect and preserve your mobility for the long haul).

In the latest episode of Good MovesThe Ness founder Colette Dong demonstrates one such routine, a 15-minute quick bounce-and-burn that's deceptively fun for such a tough workout. "So you might already be thinking, 'A HIIT workout? An intense workout on a trampoline where you look like you're having the best time ever? Colette, what are you talking about?'," says Dong. "Well, it's gonna be really intense and we are going to have a good time."

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The main benefit of adding the trampoline, Dong reiterates, is that while the workout is super high-intensity—so you can reach peak heart rate numbers—it's also incredibly low-impact. "Unlike a HIIT that you would do on the ground, all of that tension and strain on your joints is absorbed by the mat of the trampoline, which is why it's an amazing tool to reach that high intensity but also save your body a little from all that impact," she says.

Each move in Dong's routine is done in different sets of time intervals—so first you'll do a move for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, and then a minute. In between each move, you'll engage in active recovery in the form of—what else?—bouncing.

While, say, 10 seconds may sound like nothing, it definitely doesn't feel like nothing, especially if you're doing it correctly—which is to say, giving it your all. "The point of high intensity is you've got to push it hard in those 10 seconds," Dong says. Fortunately, she adds, you "can do anything for 10 seconds," and ideally for up to a minute, too. To find out if that's true, and to add a little bounce to your (HIIT) steps, press play on the latest episode of Good Moves now.

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