Exclusive: This New, Futuristic Recovery Studio Meshes a Spa Experience With a Workout Room

Photo: Chris Comfort for ReCOVER
When you think of "recovery," you probably envision cozying up with a good movie, taking a luxurious bubble bath, or hitting the sack early. A new studio is about to change that, though.

ReCOVER—New York City's first dedicated recovery studio, opening March 5—aims to "ReSTORE, ReBOOT, and ReSHAPE" visitors through science-backed methods and technology that can improve both physical and mental well-being. Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your performance, a #girlboss who needs to restore before a big board meeting, or a mix of both, the studio's founders say your body could use a recovery sesh.

"Most people who exercise have a very regimented workout and nutrition plan, but if you ask them about recovery, they say 'Well, I go to bed'," co-founder Aaron Drogoszewski tells me. "We have the means and education to help people understand which tools will help get them to the destination they're looking for. We wanted to break the mold and offer recovery for everyone with performance demands, whether they're athletes, CEOs, or artists."

CVAC machine
Photo: Chris Comfort for ReCOVER | CVAC machine

While Bulletproof Labs is helping people biohack their way to wellness on the West coast, ReCOVER is just the futuristic oasis stressed, tired New Yorkers need out East. Many treatment options are available at ReCOVER—like infrared saunas and Fit3D, a 3-D full-body scan that gives you an analysis of your posture, body composition, and more—but some of the technology offered in the studio is a first-of-its-kind in the Big Apple.

Two treatments making waves in particular are CVAC and NuCalm. CVAC, a spaceship-looking device you sit in that's used by top athletes (pictured, left), claims to improve circulation, flush out toxins and metabolic waste at the cellular level, and boost athletic performance—all through the rapid changes in air pressure and density that take place when you're in the pod. NuCalm is a device that allows you to enter a lucid dream state with the goal of helping you feel, think, and sleep better. In fact, after 30 minutes of wearing the special headphones, your body might feel as it would had it just gotten two to four hours of restorative sleep. Basically relaxation has never been so, well, relaxing.

"You think about recovery being a very passive process, but it should be a very active process. It shouldn't just be sitting on the couch watching TV—that's not how recovery works," co-founder Rick Richey says. "We wanted to put together a series of technology that we were familiar with that had scientific backing that could help people who are physically or physiologically stressed. ReCOVER isn't a spa or an athletic training room; it's somewhere in the middle. We wanted to blend the world of sports therapy and a spa experience using technology."

Because the studio's ambiance mixes a spa's aesthetic and that of a training room, you can head in with friends and use it as a time to hang out. And if you're in a rush, you can also do multiple treatments at once.

"ReCOVER isn't a spa or an athletic training room; it's somewhere in the middle. We wanted to blend the world of sports therapy and a spa experience using technology." —Rick Richey, co-founder

"There's a social aspect. You can come in and have green tea or coffee and sit back and catch up with a friend while doing something comprehensive for your body," Drogoszewski says. "It's a place to get better at whatever you do in life, and you can have fun while you're doing it."

Whether you visit over your lunch break or go as a healthy happy-hour alternative, heading in for a treatment typically costs $1 to $2 per minute, depending on what you choose. And if you go often enough, you might want to snag a membership, which range from $299 to $1,000 per month.

People are starting to realize just how important recovery is, and this high-tech hot spot makes it easy to start prioritizing wellness.

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