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Hear Me Out: Reed Diffusers Are the Best Way To Get All-Day Fragrance

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Remember reed diffusers? Growing up, there were always reed diffusers around my house—one in the bathroom and one in the living room. Slowly reed diffusers started disappearing, with candles and plug-in diffusers dominating the home scent game. But, don't sleep on reed diffusers—they're actually really amazing to give your home all-day fragrance.

I love candles, but if you run them for hours on end, the wicks get too long and things start getting sooty. And because essential oil diffusers have to be plugged in, you're limited in where you can place them. Plus, you have to fill them with water, which is honestly sometimes annoying.

Because reed diffusers just involve reeds sitting in oil, reed diffusers are easy peasy, look pretty, and smell amazing with minimal effort. All you have to do is flip the reeds over about once per week. Shop eight reed diffusers below.

8 reed diffusers for zero-effort all-day fragrance

1. Illume Winsome Reed Diffuser

This gorgeous option from Illume brings a pop of color with this deep green diffuser paired with green reeds, creating a chic monochromatic look. It brings notes of bergamot, balsam, and cedar into your home to remind you of a bright winter walk in the forest.

2. Nest New York Mediterranean Fig Reed Diffuser

Pretend you're in the Mediterranean with this diffuser from Nest New York, with notes of crushed fig leaves and blue cypress.

3. Voluspa Home Ambience Reed Diffuser

A textured glass vessel paired with black reeds makes for a classic looking diffuser. This one from Voluspa comes in santal vanille, featuring notes of santal, French bourbon vanilla, and oud.

4. Jo Malone London Red Roses Scent Surround Diffuser

This sleek diffuser from Jo Malone London houses a fragrance story that allows you to smell roses all the time. A hint of lemon adds a zesty brightness to the fragrance. Red roses are the star of the fragrance, with scents inspired by seven of the world's most exquisite flowers, for a rich and velvety profile. Honeycomb and beeswax finish it off by bringing a bit of sweetness.

5. Votivo Aromatic Reed Diffuser

This diffuser uses no-clog reeds to deliver continuous fragrance throughout your home. It's available in six scents: teak, clean crisp white, honeysuckle, red currant, pink mimosa, and grey vetiver.

6.  Neom Happiness Reed Diffuser

Designed to make your home feel light and happy this diffuser releases bright and positive scents. The fragrance blends seven essential oils, including neroli, mimosa, and lemon.

7. Antica Farmacista Rivet Tarmac Reed Diffuser

Make your home feel warm and woody with this elegant diffuser from Antica Farmacista. It blends cedar, cypress, black pepper, sandalwood, and oak for a creamy and earthy scent.

8. Apotheke Reed Diffuser

This frosted glass diffuser paired with plain wood reeds makes this diffuser super minimal, perfect to blend in with any aesthetic. It comes in four scents: bamboo, sea salt grapefruit, canvas, and white vetiver.

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