3 Key Rules About Ambition, According to Reese Witherspoon

Photo: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

It can't be denied that Reese Witherspoon is slaying the game of life. The Oscar-winning actress (and Body by Simone teacher's pet) is also a producer and the boss of her own lifestyle brand, Draper James. And according to an essay she recently penned for Glamour, her entrepreneurial attitude comes from her ambition—and she's all about helping other women make their big dreams come true.

"With the gates opening for women’s stories, you just feel like so much is going to come out of this time for women," writes Witherspoon, who just experienced major success with her HBO series Big Little Lies. "And I hope it does, because the film and TV business still needs to make meaningful change. Some people are realizing that projects with female leads are big-time moneymaking commodities, but I’ve also had studio heads say to me, 'We don’t want to make biopics about women,' or more simply, 'We’re not interested in female-driven material.'"

"Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition. Run."

While fighting for an equal playing field for women certainly isn't new, Witherspoon's working really hard to change the way female high-achievers are viewed. Basically, #girlbosses FTW.

Either way, she's adamant about one thing: "Run away from a man who can’t handle your ambition. Run," she writes. "So many men think ambition is awesome and sexy!" Preach.

Keep reading for 3 rules about going for it, goal-wise, according to Witherspoon.

Don't be sidetracked by rough circumstances

Namely, politics. "There have also been days when I’ve seen what’s playing out in the news for women and felt completely hopeless," writes Witherspoon. "I get defeated when I see news that major corporations are paying top male executives significantly more than top female executives, or that women are marching for the same rights they were marching for 45 years ago." While it feels "backwards," she tries to remain a glass half-full person and keep pushing towards her goals.

Never stop doing what you're passionate about

"All we can do to create change is work hard," says Witherspoon. "That’s my advice: Just do what you do well. If you are one of those people who has that little voice in the back of her mind saying, 'Maybe I could do [fill in the blank],' don’t tell it to be quiet. Give it a little room to grow, and try to find an environment it can grow in."

Surround yourself with a support group

Of course, it always helps to have a squad behind you, cheering along the way. "Anytime I feel defeated, my husband says, 'Come over here, you’re the best! You’re going to do this movie, and you’re going to be great!'" says Witherspoon. "He gives me pep talks with a lot of sports metaphors that I don’t always understand." Besides that, her children support her ambition "to change perceptions of women." Talk about #familygoals.

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